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You can increase your health, wellbeing and longevity all it takes is commitment and knowing how to get there. The 8 Steps to Wellness will help you to get into the Wellness Zone “How to get into the Wellness Zone” Your 8 Step Guide to Health and Wellbeing Click on each slide to forward to the next

Health, and Wellness:

Health and wellness are not synonyms. Health refers simply to a physical body being free from diseases. Health would be that a person wants to lose weight and lower blood pressure. Once he does this, he is considered healthy. Health is a goal one can achieve Wellness is an overall balance of your physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental, and occupational well-being. Wellness is a lifestyle and is not an end to be achieved. Wellness means that one strives for balance throughout his whole life. Health, and Wellness

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We have one body with many levels. Conscious, Subconscious and Spiritual

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We can not separate one form the other. Body Mind and Spirit are all pieces in the puzzle and need to work in harmony in your search for health and wellbeing .

What is Wellness?:

W =Water Hydration/Weight Management E = Elimination/Detoxification L = Liver Support/Detox L = Lifestyle Changes N = Nutrition E = Exercise S = Supplements S = Stress, Serenity, Spirit What is Wellness? The above are the 8 basic steps leading the way to health and wellness

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W = Water Water…The Liquid of Life.


Water 50 to 70 % of our body weight is water about 40 liters. Your body will be better hydrated if your muscle mass is high Under normal conditions we need about 30 ml of water for every kg of body weight Distilled water is great it is plain H2O Rain water would be the perfect water if it was not for our polluted air. Rain water collected via rooftops may carry with it bacteria and dirt.

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The Cycle of Water

Living Water:

Water, air and food are the three main essential to sustain life Water needs to be free of chemicals and pollutions (distillation) Should be well mineralized (added colloidal minerals) Carrying positive health promoting vibrations http://www.adhikara.com/water.html Another good website: http://www.is-masaru-emoto-for-real.com/ Charged with life force. (vigorous shaking and leaving it out in sunlight) Living Water

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Distilled Water Beethoven’s 5 th Symphony Heavy Metal Music Thank you, Beautiful, Love you Hate you, You Fool, Ugly Distilled Water Distilled Water Distilled Water Tap Water Sources from Paris, London and Tokyo Spring Water from Japan , ,


W= Weight Management A Healthy Weight is the Cornerstone to Wellness

Obesity increases the risk of….:

Obesity increases the risk of…. Heart disease Type 2 diabetes Hypertension Arthritis Some cancers Sleep apnea Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Depression Stroke Asthma Birth defects Early death Menstrual irregularities Gallbladder disease

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To Calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) for a 1.65 tall woman with a weight of 70 kg height x height 1.65 x 1.65 = 2.72 divide the weight by 2.72 70 kg : 2.72 = 25.7 BMI

What is your BMI.....:

If your BMI is 19 to 24.9 you have a healthy weight. If your BMI is 25 to 29.9 you are considered to be overweight and may incur moderate health risks. If your BMI is 30+ you are considered to be obese. What is your BMI.....

Excess Carbohydrates, Obesity and Diabetes:

Until 1980 the rates of obesity and diabetes 2 were fairly stable. However , when health authorities in the USA started vilifying foods containing fats and cholesterol and recommended eating more carbohydrates instead, obesity increased form 15% in 1976 to 1980 to 32.9% in 2003 -2004 and type 2 diabetes became an epidemic as well. And the first time in history obese children developed type 2 diabetes. Excess Carbohydrates, Obesity and Diabetes

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We are eating too many starches

5 Possible Causes Of Weight Gain:

Too much food (energy in) Too little exercise (energy out) Excess stress Unbalanced macronutrients Underlying causes 5 Possible Causes Of Weight Gain

5 Steps to Weight loss:

Diet Exercise Lifestyle Have a plan Support 5 Steps to Weight loss

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Some strategies to achieve your goal

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E= Elimination Health and Disease Starts in the Digestive Tract

Health and Disease Starts in the Digestive Tract:

Elimination, detoxification, cleansing and purification are all words used for the process of removing toxins from our body. We all have heard the saying “You are what you eat”. However, we need to broaden this saying to: “You are what you eat, you are what you assimilate, you are what you eliminate Health and Disease Starts in the Digestive Tract


Detoxification happens naturally in healthy bodies Break the cycle of re-intoxication Eat healthier foods including lots of fresh vegetable and some fruit Use less toxic products around the house and for personal hygiene Drink cleaner water without chemicals Exercising in fresh air Rid your body of pathological microorganisms Restore healthy gut flora. Detoxification

Toxins can Provoke Symptoms Including:

Toxins can Provoke Symptoms Including Headaches Muscle aches and pain Mucus production A coated tongue Flu-like symptoms Irritability Insomnia Cravings Nausea Constipation and/or diarrhoea Flatulence Loss of energy Tiredness

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Toxins are produced within our body through the process of metabolism including chemicals and hormones as well as microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungus and their by-products. External toxins we receive from our environment, our diet and lifestyle.

How to Detox:

How to Detox The first course of action is the bowel. A clean bowel means less stress on the liver Drink plenty of water to help your kidney and bowel functions Eat a healthy nutrient rich diet including raw foods and plenty of fibre for the bowels and nutrients to support the liver. Reduce stress and get plenty of rest and sleep If necessary you might need some digestive enzymes to help the breakdown and assimilation of food.

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Remove or Weed Phase: An imbalance in the ratio between beneficial microorganisms and detrimental microorganisms in the body is known as Dysbiosis. Start with a 3 weeks course of Lugol’s Solution followed by another 2 to 3 weeks on Olive leaf or Pau D’ arco 2. Renew Or Feed And Seed Phase: We need the pre and probiotics. Prebiotics are the food for probiotics and the good bacteria. Forms of prebiotics are nutritionally classed as soluble fibre. To some extent, many forms of dietary fibre exhibit some level of prebiotic effect.

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs:

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs Good Bugs Powerful probiotic Specially fermented foods Live yoghurt (natural set) Enzyme rich foods Bad Bugs Fungal (Candida) Parasites Bacteria Viruses Microorganisms

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Candida Candida is yeast, which is normally found within our digestive tract and is normal. However, when it changes into the fungal form it can do damage to the walls of the digestive tract. As it bores itself into the lining it releases poison and will cause damage, known as leaky gut syndrome. Once entered into the blood stream it will cause widespread health problems.

Candida in Esophagus :

Candida in Esophagus

The Lymphatic System:

The Lymphatic System filters Antigens and cellular waste products from the Blood and destroys them It is responsible for the transport of dietary Fats (within Chylomicrons) from the Intestines to High Density Lipoproteins in the bloodstream for further transport to the Liver. The Lymphatic System is responsible for the production of Lymphocytes (that counteract Antigens) within the Immune System. Because the Lymphatic system does not have a pump, like the heart, exercise is needed to activate the Lymphatic System to remove toxins The Lymphatic System

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Other organs of elimination and Detoxification are The Skin The Lungs The Kidneys The Liver

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L= Liver Support and Detox The Major Organ of Detoxification

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The Liver The skin, bowels, lungs and kidneys are the organs of elimination. However, the liver is the organ of detoxification. The Liver is a complex organ and plays a key role in metabolism.

The Liver’s Detoxification Mechanism includes.....:

The Liver’s Detoxification Mechanism includes..... Filtration of the blood Formation of bile Phase 1 detoxification reactions Phase 2 detoxification reactions

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Filtration of the blood: Almost 2 litres of blood passes through the liver every minute. When the liver is functioning properly it can detoxify about 90 % of bacteria and other toxins found in the blood. If the detoxification process is not optimal those toxins and bacteria etc will be allowed back into the general circulation. Formation of bile: Each day the liver manufactures about 1 litre of bile. Bile released from the gallbladder can absorb toxic substances to be eliminated through the digestive system.

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Phase 1 Detoxification Process: This process occurs in the liver itself. As the "unclean" blood enters the first lobe of the liver an enzyme system called "cytochrome P450 (a combination of about 50 different enzymes) activates and begins a step by step breakdown of toxins. This system either neutralizes, making it water soluble, and so rendering toxins less harmful, or it breaks them down into an intermediate form.

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Phase 2 Detoxification Process: This process involves what is called the "conjugation process". Enzymes in the liver attach small chemicals to the toxins. There are essentially six phase 2 detoxification pathways, depending on which toxins need to be neutralized: Making the phase 1 system working efficiently is only useful if the phase 2 system is also working well. If this is not the case and the phase 2 system fails to further breakdown those toxins and eliminate them, accumulation of toxins in the liver will result.

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L= Lifestyle Choices You Can Change Your Life… When You Change Your Mind

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Lifestyle....What do I need to Change? Ask yourself if your lifestyle choices are beneficial to your health or might they lead to disease? What do I need to change? Lose weight, drink more water, eat healthier food, reduce alcohol intake, stop smoking, reduce stress, exercise more etc? We all can find areas of our lives which we are able to improve.

Four of the most prominent non-infectious diseases are linked by common preventable risk factors related to lifestyle. :

Four of the most prominent non-infectious diseases are linked by common preventable risk factors related to lifestyle. Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Diabetes.

Lifestyle Health Risk:

Coronary heart disease affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women Stroke affects 1 in 6 of all Australians Cancer affects 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women Adult-onset-diabetes affects 1 in 13 men and 1 in 15 women Osteoporosis affects 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men. Lifestyle Health Risk

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Don’t become a Statistic Positive Lifestyle changes encourages wellbeing and affects our lives on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This 8 step program is all about lifestyle choices and lifestyle changes.

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N= Nutrition Do You Eat To Live Or Live To Eat?

Are your Food Choices slowly Killing you?:

Are your Food Choices slowly Killing you? Under-eating enhances longevity and over-eating, any food above your needs, acts like a poison in your body There is not one diet to fit all However, there are rules, which are essential to any eating plan you chose to follow Needs to be nutritionally sound and contain all of the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and enzymes.

Eat Healthy Food:

Fresh raw living foods Limited fruits Lean proteins Legumes best sprouted or well soaked and cooked Healthy oils: extra virgin olive, coconut and flax seed oil, omega 3 oils. Nuts and seeds Limited starches, do not consume any refined carbohydrates Eat Healthy Food

Macronutrients and Micronutrients:

Proteins , Fats and Carbohydrates Macronutrients contain micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and hundreds of different nutritional substances working in harmony to achieve health and homeostasis within the body. Macronutrients and Micronutrients

The importance of A A in Nutrition:

A For Allergies: A hair sample can be tested against foods, bathroom products, laundry and cleaning items, as well as fibres and metals etc. This bio- compatible test is very accurate and individualized A For Alkalizing: Most of our food is acidic. Disease will flourish when your body becomes too acid. Include more alkalizing foods in your diet. The importance of A A in Nutrition


Allergy means an abnormal, excessive reaction of the body’s defense systems to a substance absorbed from the environment Allergy now affects 65—70 per cent of the population and is on the increase This reaction releases an excess of inflammatory mediators, causing inflammation anywhere in the body. Once tissue and nerve endings are inflamed, many other substances can cause a secondary irritation. These secondary reactions, are classified as intolerances. Allergies

Do you suffer or being diagnosed with the following:

Do you suffer or being diagnosed with the following Asthma Sinus and Hayfever Rashes and itchy Skin Constipation Indigestion Headaches Migraine Chronic Fatigue Irritable Bowel Candida ADHD/ADD Excess Mucus Flatulence Psoriasis/Eczema Arthritis  


All fruit and vegetables Some nuts like almonds Greens like Spirulina, Wheat and Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Chlorella Potassium citrate Alkalizers

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E= Exercise Is At The Heart Of Good Health

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Reduces the risk of dying prematurely. Reduces the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease. Reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure. Helps reduce blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure. Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. Helps control weight. Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Helps older adults become stronger and better able to move about without falling.

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Speeds up your metabolism, even hours after exercise and burns calories Makes your muscles more insulin sensitive The pancreas needs to produce less insulin and levels drop, less insulin in the blood to convert sugar to fat Reduces the amount of fat deposit and reduces food intake Gets cortisol levels down (stress and inflammation increase cortisol levels) - Excess cortisol more visceral fat There might even be less risk of developing some cancers Promotes psychological well-being.

Aerobic versus Anaerobic:

Weight training is an anaerobic exercise, meaning without oxygen. It is used in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power and is muscle building. Anaerobic exercise relies on energy sources that are stored in the muscles. Aerobic means ‘with air’. This allows us to continuously exercise . Intensity and duration will depend on the individual fitness level. Increase cardiovascular health. Both kind of training is needed for overall health and fitness. Aerobic versus Anaerobic

Fat Versus Muscles:

Fat Versus Muscles

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S= Supplements Enhance The Value Of Your Daily Food

Why do we need Supplements:

Why do we need Supplements Our food is depleted as it is often transported from afar and stored for long periods of time Our Food is grown in soil depleted of minerals Artificial fertilizers produce an unbalance in our body White flour and sugar depletes the body of vitamins and minerals as it uses stored nutrients for digestion Stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices will use up more nutrients Unless we eat only organic whole foods, have no stress in our life and have perfect digestion, absorption and elimination we most likely need supplementation

Which Supplements to take:

A mix of greens like Wheat and Barley Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella and Alfalfa contain over 100 important nutrients. Plant derived minerals If you rather depleted then a good multivitamin/mineral supplement high in B Fish oils Antioxidant Probiotic Which Supplements to take

The 8 Step Guide to Wellness:

As written in my e book “How to get into the Wellness Zone” I recommend specific supplements for the 8 weeks elimination and detoxification program It is important to alkalize your body Potassium citrate and the before mentioned greens are helpful Other supplements depend on the individuals needs The 8 Step Guide to Wellness

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S= Stress, Serenity, Spirit The Missing Link To Wellness


Stressful stimuli activates stress centers in the brain the hypothalamus producing and releasing adrenaline This activates the HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) producing cortisol from the adrenal gland. Flight or fight response Cortisol is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-stress hormone and helps control immune activities Constant cortisol in the blood increase insulin resistance, kills brain cells and depresses the immune system Stress


These reactions are extremely beneficial when we need to temporarily deal with stress After, the HPA axis needs to return to normal so balance is achieved Continues stress will not shut off this response HPA axis will first be hyperactive and when running out of steam becomes hypoactive or under-active Constant stress creates an inflammatory state and inflammation creates stress within the body Some symptom and pathological changes include: anxiety, depression, mood changes, sleep disorders, energy changes, cardiovascular and auto-immune diseases Stress

Serenity :

Serenity Calmness, stillness, inner peace, quietness, even temper, composure, tranquility are only some definitions associated with being serene How much time would you be spending in a state of tranquility, being calm relaxed with not a worry on your mind?

How to Relieve Stress and find Serenity:

Meditation and yoga have long been known to be the most powerful exercise for a peaceful mind and body. They also teach deep (from the diaphragm), breathing. This in itself will relieve stress as it slows down the heartbeat, leading to relaxation. Tai chi is another form of relaxation and easy exercise favored by many people, including the elderly. Mind, body and spirit are all exercised simultaneously by this one ancient Chinese health exercise plan. A tense mind will produce tense muscles. Muscle relaxation is a technique to help you let go, unwind and release stiffness and tightness. How to Relieve Stress and find Serenity

More Ways to Relieve Stress:

Go for a walk. Take time to notice the things around you. Listen to some music you really like. Go fishing Sit quietly in a park and look at the things around you. Play your favorite sport. Take a bath. Lie back, shut out everything else and relax.  Go to a movie or watch a video. Visit a friend. Go for a swim. Do a puzzle. Read a book. More Ways to Relieve Stress

If all else fails…....:

If all else fails …....

Spirit :

Spirit: has many definitions including: The vital principle or animating force within living beings, Incorporeal or ethereal consciousness, or plainly our Soul Spirituality: Deep, often religious, feelings and beliefs, including a person’s sense of peace, purpose, connection to others and beliefs about the meaning of life. Spirituality is having meaning and direction in life. It involves development of positive morals, ethics & values. Being healthy spiritually helps us to demonstrate: love, hope sharing and caring, forgiveness, faith, hope, integrity, honesty, respect an appreciation of nature , value life, demonstrate kindness, recognize individuality, self worth and having purpose in life. Spirit

Words of Wisdom:

Regardless, of what your beliefs are. Remember, this is your life - here today - the now, make the best of it and don't waste it. Don't just live in the physical realms, but strive higher and deeper as you search for the meaning of your life. Make a conscious effort in accepting your spiritual being as a part of your life. Include your spirit, your soul, in your search for health and wellness. Words of Wisdom

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Every Day is a New Beginning

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Do you have any questions? please e mail me ionictherapy@bigpond.com To purchase my e book “How to get into the Wellness Zone” including the manual plus plenty of free additional downloads please see http:// www.strideintohealth.com/Wellness-E-Book.html Websites : www.holistichealthmackay.com.au My Clinic Website www.strideintohealth.com Alternative Nutritional Supplements www.freeofallergies.com Do you suffer Allergies? www.onlyminerals.com Minerals for health and wealth http://strideintohealth.wordpress.com My blog Wishing you abundant Health and Wellbeing Barbara Bourke

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