Why are Trampoline Parks Trending

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Choose BOUNCE is Mumbai’s one stop destination for fun, fitness and entertainment with exciting activities like indoor trampoline and dodgeball for all age groups.


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https://www.bounceinc.in/ Why are Trampoline Parks Trending?


https://www.bounceinc.in/ Health And Safety Regulations Every trampoline park in Mumbai is an exciting place for kids as well as adults. It is a cool entertainment place that not only offers entertainment but also ensures safety of everyone who visits there. Fun Ways To Exercise In today’s times, maintaining health and fitness is a top priority for most of the individuals. People choose to eat healthy and stay in shape. They are all looking for better and probably easier ways to achieve their fitness goal. Trampoline parks have an increased number of activities that can also be a part of your fitness regime.


https://www.bounceinc.in/ Higher Average Age Of Jumpers Yes! Trampoline parks were initially made for kids’ entertainment. However, the average age of jumpers is starting to boost day by day. The highest percentage of trampoline customers – 35%, comprises 6-10-year-olds. Kids between 11 and 15 years make for 26% of jumpers, while toddlers make for 13% of consumers. Increase In Online Ticket Booking You must’ve often looked up online for the best birthday party venues near you . Lately, these trampoline parks have started popping up on the top of your search to tempt you into celebrating birthdays in an adventurous way. Research shows about 40% of bookings for tours and activities made by people online.


https://www.bounceinc.in/ Boosting Demand For Versatile Activities Known to be one of the best small birthday party places in Mumbai , trampolines parks have come a long way. Thanks to the growth of the industry, there’s a lot that has changed. There are more variety of activities offered in trampoline parks, and this is happening with the increase in the customer demand for variety .


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