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Auto Repairs: How to Check Out Any Local Garage Getting Recommendations • One of the very first steps to getting a reliable auto repair company is through personal recommendation. Your friends colleagues relatives and loved ones can help you in this regard. Ask them if they know anyone who uses the same car make and model as yours locally. Tell them that you need a reliable auto repair service provider to help get your car back in shape. If they don’t know of anyone ask them to meet other people they could possibly think of. This way you will find the best mechanic easily. List of Garage • The next step is creating a shortlist of potential garages to use for your auto repairs. • Here are some of the questions you need to ask.  What do you like about the service  How long have you been using them

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Auto Repairs: How to Check Out Any Local Garage  What car problem took you to the garage And was it your first time  Was the service satisfactory Vet the Auto Repairs • Since you have a shortlist of all the auto repairs the next step is to vet them personally. First put a phone call through to the auto repairs and ask them for a service quote. • During this time there are some things you should take note of. These include  Were they responsive in answering the phone  Did they provide specific details as to what is included as part of the service and what isn’t

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Useful Tips for Buying Car Tires • Size Matters • Buying the right tire size matters a lot. Usually the size of a tire is usually listed on its sidewalls in a sequence such as P256/70R16. So when buying a new tire from a tire shop make sure it matches what’s noticed in your owner’s manual or car door jamb. It doesn’t necessarily have to be what you have on your vehicle at the moment but something closely related. • Age • Another factor to consider when shopping for new tires is the age. Tires naturally wear out over time and much faster if kept in a hot climate. Want to know when your tire is manufactured It’s simple. Check the four digit number following a letter sequence beginning with DOT. This numbers indicated the week and year of manufacture. For instance 3907 denotes the 39th week of 2007. • Learn the Lingo • No doubt many drivers prefer shopping around for all season tires. But do you think high-performance tires are better Well you need to do your research to know. Tire performance means the ability to handle well at higher speeds not lifespan. But what you don’t know is that high-performance tires are more likely to deteriorate faster.

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4 Tips for Flat Tire Repair • There are certain tools that must be in your car • They include: a Gardner’s knee pad a full length apron a full pair of gloves and a towel. With these you can get back on the road without ruining your clothes. But what do you use them for The next tip answer that question. • You must have an emergency tire repair kit • A tire repair kit can be obtained from a local store. Anyone that deals in automotive parts can help here. • The Donut Spare Experience • You must understand that a donut spare is also a temporary solution. On a general note donut spares are not supposed to be driven for longer than 50 miles. Your manual serves as a very useful guide here. Always consult your manual. • Always endeavor to familiarize yourself with your car • Whether or not you have changed your car tire before you must get familiar with your car. You must make sure you know how to use the jack. Jacks come in different types so you must know yours. Also you must learn how to place the Jack for all four tires.

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Tire Repair - How to Avoid One with These Tire Maintenance Tips • Air pressure of the tire • There may be a problem when there is a compromise in the actual pressure of the tire. The right amount of air pressure keeps the tires firm. In addition air pressure keeps the vehicle in prime condition while prolonging the lifespan of the tires. • Tire alignment • Improper alignment of car tires is a common problem when the amount of air pressure in the tire is not up to par. While this may not be a major problem at the start it may escalate to bigger issues if neglected. However this may not be cost and time effective. • Rotation of tires • Rotating the tires is a great method of detecting impending tire problems. Also the rotation ensures that the tires are more durable and sturdy. But not everyone can rotate the tires effectively. For this reason it is necessary to visit a tire repair shop. In professional tire repair shops the car owner gets useful tips that keep the car in great condition. • Keeping spare tires • Keeping pare tires is one of the safes maintenance practices that prevent or salvages the occurrence of future car tire problems. It can also be a lifesaver to have spare tires in the event of an accident on a lonely highway.

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Wheel Balancing  Wheel balancing is performed by a special machine that spins both the tire and wheel to calibrate the right balance.  During a mechanized wheel balancing operation the machine operator looks out for proper alignment. If one end is weightier than the other then the operator will have to make adjustments by applying a counter-weight on the other end. When a tire is not properly balanced it rotates in a disproportional manner causing disturbing vibrations that will only intensify with time. This can knock out the car’s suspension and cause greater damage.  By checking the tread wear of the vehicle’s tires can provide vital information. Hollow or scalloped wear lines suggests problems with the car’s wheel balance however odd wear lines this is typified when one tire wears faster than the others can mean improper alignment.

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Reasons Why Wheel Alignment is Important to a Vehicle • Typically when a vehicle’s wheels are poorly aligned the tires point in a wrong direction or angle. Although wrong alignments affect the performance of both the suspension and the steering it is not safe to drive in a car that’s wrongly aligned. • Basically a few actions can result in improper wheel alignment they include: • Driving fast over potholes • Hitting a curb • Driving into concrete parking blocks • Basic wear and tear – As a car age its rubber parts tend to dry and crack and this makes ball and socket joints to loosen and the condition degenerates if left unattended. • To have a basic idea of how much impact damage can be alignments are calculated in tenths and hundredths of degrees. Once a vehicle’s wheels aren’t well aligned the damage can build up over an extended period if left that way.

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