Microencapsulation Technology

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Microencapsulation Technology:

Microencapsulation Technology

Representative applications of microparticles :

Representative applications of microparticles Taste and odor masking Protection of drugs from the environment Particle size reduction for enhancing solubility of the poorly soluble drugs Sustained or controlled drug delivery Cell encapsulation

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Biodegradable polymeric microparticles can provide a number of advantages over conventional parenteral formulations : Sustained delivery : Local delivery : Pulsatile delivery:


MICROENCAPSULATION TECHNIQUES Coacervation based on separation of a solution of hydrophilic polymer(s ) into two phases, which are small droplets of a dense polymer-rich phase and a dilute liquid phase

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Simple coacervation This process involves only one polymer (e.g., gelatin, polyvinyl alcohol , carboxymethyl cellulose) The phase separation can be induced by conditions that result in desolvation (or dehydration) of the polymer phase . These conditions include addition of a water-miscible non-solvent , such as ethanol, acetone, dioxane , isopropanol , or propanol , addition of inorganic salts, such as sodium sulfate, and temperature change.

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Complex coacervation

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