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5 Easy Tips to Great Macro Photography


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Macro Photography : 

Macro Photography By Jeffrey 5 Easy Tips For Beginners

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Materials Needed A Camera It is acceptable not to have a professional camera as long as it has a Macro feature A subject to photograph It can be almost anything as long as you are aware that you will only be photographing a small area

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Tip #1: Weather Conditions

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Check weather conditions prior to picking a date. Shooting macros is impossible on a windy day if you are shooting delicate subjects so go equipped with something to stop wind such as a clear plastic tarp. Also consider bringing something to help steady plants such as a clamp.

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Tip #2: Using Props

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Add to the shot by spraying a light mist to create a morning feeling.

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Tip #3: Choosing the Right Background

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Avoid choosing a background that has some of the same colors as your subject. It will blend in, clutter, and the patches of bright light will draw your eye away from the subject.

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Tip #4: Go Steady

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A shaky camera is a real problem when using higher magnifications due to longer exposures and shallow depth of field. Try using a tripod or find a sturdy position.

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Tip #5: Flash Clash

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To imitate the effects of a flash, choose a subject that is naturally glossy or sprinkle subject with a fine reflective powder to give subject a more captivating appeal.

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Remember, the most important thing is to have pride in your work and have fun making it!

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