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Mobile Enterprise Apps from

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Established 1997 Manufacturing & Distribution specialists APICS Certified Staff 90 + years combined experience and knowledge of Operations and Inventory Management Developers of Enterprise App Development –Android/ iOS Our Mission We are dedicated to developing innovative mobile solutions for the shop floor and warehouse to improve worker productivity and efficiency, while enhancing our client’s current investments and existing systems.



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Application Library - Pre-configured apps : Quality Inspection Capture , Order Picking, Inventory Transfer , Material Movement, P.O. Receiving , Put Away, Restocking, Inventory Count , Shop Packet, Order Entry/Status, Route Delivery, Labor Reporting. Enterprise back-end integration – middleware tools and methods allow integration with virtually any back-end systems. GUI Import/Export utility allow customers the option to easily map their data into the relational database and to export transactions back to their systems in various text file formats . Native Applications – Mobilize-IT apps are designed to leverage the native features of the devices for the particular application such as bar code scanning, voice recognition, GPS and camera options.

Middleware Architecture :

Middleware Architecture

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Why ™ ? Fills the void for productive enterprise apps on smartphones/tablets in the Manufacturing and Distribution marketplace Enterprise Ready Middleware – Connects with back-end systems and integrates customer’s data Applications Library – selection of the most used applications for the shop floor and the warehouse Scalable structure and pricing Fast and easy to implement

Product Definition:

Product Definition Mobilize-IT Standard Apps Library (Android/ iOS ) 1. Quality Inspection Capture 2 . Inventory Count 3. Inventory Transfer 4. Purchase Order Receiving 5. Order Picking (Voice Directed) 6. Labor Reporting 7. Incoming Inspection 8. Work Flow Documents

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JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Incoming Inspection . Material Issues Order Selection Shop Packet Order Release App Development Timeline 2013 Released Labor Reporting

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4. Enterprise App Stores Gartner predicts by 2014, many businesses will create centralized and private app stores for their users to purchase apps. This movement will eliminate the IT headaches caused by having to purchase apps from a variety of third-party stores and dealing with disparate payments processes as a result.

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8. Actionable Analytics The rise of mobility and the cloud, coupled with the growing capabilities of analytical engines, will enable enterprise users to make faster, more informed decisions on the go, Gartner predicts.

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35% of IT shops put mobile device management among their IT priorities this year, as employees want to use their personal phones and tablets at work. But most IT shops don’t do much more than grant access to company email from those devices 18 % say they’re developing employee apps for smart- phones and tablets. One lesson of the past year is that for tablets to be highly productive, companies need software crafted to the tablet experience.

About Hardware:

About Hardware

Recommended Tablets:

Recommended Tablets Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 Light Duty Medium Duty

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BIP 6000Max X7ad Heavy Duty Extreme Duty

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Embrace ‘Disposable’ Enterprise Tech Given how fast technology improves amid the consumerization , mobile and cloud trends , we need to start thinking in terms of “ disposable IT.” It’s an accepted principle with devices; IT shops know that a PC or laptop really isn’t functional after three years. The lifespan of tablets is likely to be two years. And now this disposable approach is coming to software, with apps that company employees might use for a while, then lose interest in and dump. The next big disposable trend: IT projects. The business driver is speed. A growing subset of IT projects will start, be deployed and used, and get retired in less than three years.


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