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Dodge Traffic in 2050:

Dodge Traffic in 2050 Group 3 Bidhu Amant Dibyendu Mathur Kamalika Datta A Disruptive Innovation

Functionality - FlyCar:

Functionality - FlyCar Quick Travel: Fly as a small plane to dodge the city traffic while substantially Reducing Greenhouse emissions up to 99 % less than piston engines. Reducing Dependence on Petroleum User Friendly Touchpad Screen: Accepts Source ,Target Destination and Time of Travel in the Screen Google Map: Internally synchronized Google map finds the air map to travel. All details(speed, navigation) of the travel are controlled from a centrally located on the server. Artificial Intelligence: AI is built in to the car will move the car up or down by 10ft when required to avoid collision. Use variety of Fuel: The car will run on Gasoline, Ethanol, Solid Fuel and variety of other fuels.

Design Considerations:

Design Considerations SKYCAR Takeoff ,Landing & Cruise Mode: Exhaust adjustment facility is available Sky car takes off Vertically(VTOL) Facility 3 modes of travel, VTOL, Transition, Cruise Rotapower Engine: Powerful Engine to assist air travel Need more miniaturization to reduce weight Travel Plan Google Server Google Map would find the directions AI is available to find the shortest route, Collision avoidance methods. The Brain of All Operations Moller International, Google, Rotapower & NASA are working on technologies which would be used in this. We are going to specify some of the technologies that could be used in this skycar Operations Authority: A Technical body similar to Bangalore Metro to oversee all aspects of travel Need to look at minimum safety distance between 2 skycars



PowerPoint Presentation:

Eco Friendly : As the Rotary engine is 99% less on greenhouse emissions and can run on many types of available fuel. This is a huge benefit to make our earth a pollution free place to live. Efficient Energy: 40% less fuel consumption , Works on all types of fuels. Hassle Free Travel: Broaden the mode of travelling as you fly in air with the main Server& Car taking care of your travel need. Customer just keys in his source and target and the time in which he wants to reach Safe & Quick Travel: Fulfill the need of your family for a safer, quicker and more comfortable transportation. Benefit to Society

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The investor of today does not profit from yesterday's growth." - Warren Buffett. How desired is skycar in market now ? A Investor Perspective

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Growing concern for Environment & Future fuel need There are 100 Million Cars in India, In Bangalore there are around 2.5 Million vehicles. CAGR of Car in Bangalore is around 10 % . By 2050 there would be 100 Million Cars in Bangalore. It will be chaos on roads. Average Percapita Income is around Rs 75000/Month Bangalore’s Economy is worth Rs 1000,0000,000, Growing @ 10.3 % YoY Time is Money: People don't want to get caught in Traffic Congestion in cities like Bangalore. Continued…. Lets take Bangalore as a city which could implement this project in future A Customer Perspective

Cost Benefit Analysis(sample):

Cost Benefit Analysis( sample ) Cost Cost Category 2012 Infrastructure Cost 50,000 Machine Purchase 3,000,000 Personnel 10,000 Travel 96,000 Training 4000 Overhead 0 Total Projected Cost/Vehicle 3,160,000 Benefits Category Average Waiting Hours/Year 1056 Cost Aggregate Cost Per Hour of Delay Senior Executive rate /Hr 5000 5280000 Mid Level Executive/Hr 2000 2112000 Junior Level Executive/Hr 500 528000 Total INR 7,920,000.00 Benefit Assumption: All data were taken based on prevailing data

How will you launch in market:

How will you launch in market Launch in Metros where there is need for luxury travel and have traffic issues. Auto Shows Advertisement in Auto Magazines Tie up with high end existing auto dealers Like Mercedes, BMW etc Test Drives Promotion The Positioning is of a luxury travel Hire Brand Ambassadors for Endorsement Not sure how the marketing models is going to be in 2050, we would try to adopt 2050 marketing models but at present we would do the following.

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All People whose need is to have a luxury travel with a intention to dodge the city traffic. High End Executives who are pressed for time Who will be your customers

Life cycle of product:

Life cycle of product Sales Time 20 Yrs Development Introduction Growth Maturity Saturation Decline This will follow the traditional product life cycle of any product but with a higher time frame for product decline as this is a disruptive innovation.

Challenges :

Challenges Acceptance by people High cost of development Travel Operations Management It will take lot of pilot testing before launching in the market Security Issue as there can be any untoward event while pilot testing.

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