Boat Lagoon Yachting the exclusive authorised dealer for the World's m


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Boat Lagoon Yachting is one of Asia’s largest and most reputable yacht importation, distribution, and after-sales service organisations, representing some of the world’s most prestigious yacht brands. Our strength comes from owning the most extensive after-sales service and yacht maintenance facilities in Southeast Asia. See more:


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Boat Lagoon Yachting the exclusive authorised dealer for the World's most prestigious yacht brands


New Yachts available for sale


Princess Yachts


JEANNEAU YACHTS Henri Jeanneau’s passion and commitment to quality boat building began in 1957. From the first artisan-crafted runabout to today’s precision-manufactured sail and power boats, that passion and commitment is now shared by our 2500 employees and our network of over 300 distributors world-wide. The result, as you’ll see, is a way of creating boats of extraordinary quality, value and timeless beauty.


Pre-owned yacht sales


After-Sales Our dedicated service department will assist with all aspects of your boating with us, which includes (but is not limited to): Additional advice in conjunction with the sales team, if required, on different aspects of the dream boat you may be interested in, including the various possibilities of our assistance during our on-going after sales service commitment to you, including all technical assistance and supervision for a new build Yacht. Pre-delivery inspections, sea trials, commissioning and all service works as required (and often beyond) under warranty at the Yachts shipyard in UK itself. Arrangements for shipping, insurance, survey, through to efficient and supervised offloading at destination port, further sea trials and all necessary PDI and servicing, through to a carefully-planned delivery and final checks before eventual handover.


Yacht Pre-Delivery Even before the boat is delivered to you we are active to ensure that all aspects of the yachts build and the equipment installed is carried out according to the owners specification. This process involves a lengthy inspection of systems and cosmetics which is then itemised and rectified by our professionally trained technicians and engineers


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