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Costumes research:

Costumes research Best productions

Possible Antagonist costumes :

Possible Antagonist costumes Usually in Action Adventure movies the antagonist wears a leather jacket. For example in the film “Safe House” the antagonist (Denzel Washington) wears a leather jacket. Also the villain has a beard which is stereotypical in Action Adventure films.

Antagonist continued :

Antagonist continued As we don’t want our audience knowing the identity of our antagonist we will conclude a balaclava to hide his identity giving a sense of mystery about the villain.

Possible protagonist costumes:

Possible protagonist costumes Looking online on Google for hero’s I noticed immediately that most of the characters was wearing “Sunglasses” we can easily include this in our film. Furthermore our protagonist will be wearing casual clothes, this will be because we want our protagonist to be like a ordinary person.

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