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Get Certified in Human Resources CHRP CHRM UAE, HR certification training will be held in Dubai Abu Dhabi, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, from the American Certification Institute, USA. Register today :


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Certified Human Resource Professional CHRP Certified Human Resource Manager CHRM From American Certification Institute ACI USA

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AIM ACCOMPLISH INDUSTRY OVERVIEW www. Human Resource Management is no longer about payroll and recruitment. As a profession it now incorporates employment law organizational behavior and performance management among other specializations. In the last decade the HR industry has been in the midst of a tremendous growth curve. The transition has seen HR transforming from an administrative overhead a non- profitable department to a strategic business partner. In this decade the focus is increasingly shifting to globalizing the HR process and creation of a global mindset for nurturing future global leaders. One of the principal tasks of global leadership development therefore should be to create and support an environment where global mindsets can flourish. Global leadership development in future will focus on providing a broad spectrum of employees with opportunities to ‘acquire and enhance’ their global leadership skills and capabilities often using a variety of non-traditional developmental techniques such as Cross-border job swaps assignments to multi-cultural task forces and project teams. The greatest challenge will be to implement a set of comprehensive HR processes that expedite the globalization process foster global competitive capabilities and support the selection retention and motivation of future global leaders. In this context global staffing and global leadership development are perhaps the two components of global HR with the greatest potential for powerful leverage that global firms have already recognized. Global firms will need increasing number of employees with "global brains" but translating this attractive vision into an operational reality is not simple. Most managers are not "born global"; they acquire "global brains" through a series of experiences many of them at a substantial cost to the organization. 2 FOCUS ON GLOBAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT What is the "return" on investing in developing people with global brains Making a rational "business case" concerning the future and the need and use of global managers is one of the critical strategic decisions that the global HR function and business leaders must make together for the sustainability of an enterprise. Training is the most important activity in the development of human resources. To put the right person at the right place has now become essential in today’s globalised market. Since no organization has a choice on whether or not to develop employees the HR function is the life blood of any enterprise. It is well-established that only through well-trained personnel can an organization achieve its goals. Trained manpower has a direct impact on  Growth expansion and modernization  Productivity and profitability reduces cost and finally enhances skill and knowledge.  Prevents obsolescence. Helps in developing a problem solving attitude.  Gives people awareness of rules and procedures. Putting the Right Person in the Right Place TRAINING BENEFITS

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PREPARE PROSPER 3 AMERICAN CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE CERTIFIED HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER The Certified Human Resources Professional CHRP gives you a head start in the world of professional HR. With this course you develop a professional acumen and an insight to deal with core HR issues. Here the focus is on mechanics of organizational change and then the spotlight moves on to the competencies required for managing both people and processes. Human resource management nowadays is not just about employing people or drafting work policies; it is also about being able to rapidly respond to customers global needs. The CHRP is designed to equip you with the skills knowledge and qualities required to succeed in the cutting edge world of business administration and management. At Blue Ocean the ACI HR program combines high-quality core curriculum that is consistently updated to ensure excellence in the global marketplace. Recent research reveals that the careers in HR are becoming increasingly lucrative. The Advanced Human Resource Management Course addresses issues faced by seasoned human resource HR professionals and managers who want to add value and innovation to the functions of HR within their organization. This advanced course is focused on managerial aspects of HR such as Strategically aligned HR Developing HR Policies and procedures Job Analysis and Job Descriptions Manpower planning Budgeting in HR ROI on training Effective Performance Appraisals HR Audit and Establishing Effective Pay plans. CHRM tag will help you take on greater challenges in Human Resource Management function. In today’s world most of the people working in HR or Administration requires superior knowledge and qualification which can help them implement the policies and procedures aligned to the organizational objectives. The ACI-CHRM course precisely helps the participants to achieve that objective – Get a professional qualification and get hands on practical training for implementation. CHRM The competitive advantage of these courses lies in the fact that they are specially designed for working professionals. ACI instructors generally hold doctorates most from prestigious American and foreign universities. ACI instructors are generally management practitioners well known for their distinctive teaching methods. The American Certification Institute is an US –based apex certification institute. It was founded in the USA in 1999. Headquartered in Lewes Delaware USA it has numerous alliance partners in China Malaysia Singapore Dubai Romania and other countries. These alliance partners represent ACI in their respective countries and conduct ACI programs in collaboration with ACI. ACI has developed several business-related certification programs and after conducting tests awards these certifications. The ACI Certified International Human Resource Professional and the Certified International Human Resource Manager is a career- long commitment that shows your peers your employees and your organization that you have mastered the core HR principles and that you are dedicated to staying current in your profession. To become certified you must meet stringent professional and educational requirements before taking the exam. CHRP

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STRIVE SUCCEED www.  Nature of Strategic HRM  Different Levels of Strategy  HR Applications for Competitors  Strategic Management Process  Steps for using HR Score Card STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT MODULES CHRP  Definition of Recruitment  Alternatives to Recruitment  External Environment of Recruitment  Internal Environment of Recruitment  The Recruitment Process  Methods Used in Internal Recruiting  External Sources of Recruitment  Recruitment for Diversity  Internet Trends  The Internet Recruitment Process  Requirements for Effective  Steps to Effective Internet Recruiting  Limitations of Internet Recruiting  New HR Position - Cyber Recruiter  Internal Recruitment - Using the Intranet  The Corporate Web Site and Home Page  External Sources of Recruitment and the Internet  External Recruitment Methods RECRUITMENT 4  Definition of HRM  Functions of the HR Manager  Line and Staff Aspects of HRM  Environmental Changes  Strategies  Metrics  Equal opportunity and the Law  HR Score Card BASICS OF HRM  Job Analysis  Uses of Job Analysis Information  Steps in Job Analysis  Job Description  Job Specification  Job Enlargement Job Rotation  Job Enrichment JOB ANALYSIS  Internet Recruiting  Advertising  Private Public Employment Agencies  Employee Enlistment  Unsolicited Walk-In Applicants  Talent Auctions  Posting Resumes on the Internet  Resume Management Systems  Electronic Resume Guidelines SELECTION  Definition Of Selection  Environmental Factors Affecting the Selection Process  The Selection Process  Characteristics of Properly Designed Selection Tests  Types of Validation Studies  Types of Employment Tests  Vocational Interests  The Employment Interview  Interview Planning  Content of the Interview  Types of Interviews  Methods of Interviewing  Legal Implications of Interviewing  Potential Interviewing Problems  Assessment Centers  Personal Reference Checks  Negligent Hiring and Retention  The Selection Decision  Notification to Candidates  Role Play on Interviews TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT  Training and Development: Definitions  Changes Affecting Training and Development  Changes in Organizational Structure  Changes in Technology  Need for more Highly Skilled Workers  Critical Needs that Training Addresses  Determining Training and Development Needs  Establishing Training and Development Objectives  Purposes of Orientation  Organizational Development

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PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT  Performance Appraisal Definition  Uses of Performance Appraisal  Performance Appraisal Environmental Factors  The Performance Appraisal Process  Evaluation  Responsibility for Appraisal  Rationale for Evaluations Conducted by Team Members  The Appraisal Period  Performance Appraisal Methods  Problems in Performance Appraisal  Characteristics of an Effective Appraisal System  Legal Implications  The Appraisal Interview 5 ASPIRE ACHIEVE  Wages and Salary Administration Definition  Compensation  Points to be taken Care before Deciding Wages  Factors Influencing Wages and Salaries  Compensation System Design  Policies Affecting Determination of  Wages and Salaries  Laws Affecting Compensation  Wage Practices  Staff Salary Plan/Grade Codes ESTABLISHING STRATEGIC PAY PLANS - TOTAL REWARD CAREER PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT  Career Planning and Developmen: Definitions  Job Security Versus  Career Security  Factors Affecting Career Planning  Career-Impacted Life Stages  Career Anchors  Career Planning  Individual Career Planning  Self-Assessment  Strength/Weakness Balance Sheet  Career Assessment on the Web  Adding Value to Your Career  Career Development  Career Planning and Development Methods  Using Internet for Career Planning and  Development at Texas Instruments  Developing Unique Segments of the Workforce  Importance in Today’s Corporate World  Compensation  Rewards  Types of Incentives  Fringe benefits History and Growth  Employee Services  Payroll Calculations PAYROLL SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION  Practical Oriented Modules  Case Studies  Practical formats -  - MRF Pre-interview questionnaire  - Job Application Form  - Performance Appraisal etc.  Interview Related Questionnaire OTHER TOPICS MODULES CHRM  The Strategic Planning Process - Organisation’s Mission and Vision - The role of organisation’s Mission Vision and Values in Strategic HR  Development of Strategic Objectives - SWOT - Environmental Scanning 1. Components of Environment 2. Environmental Scanning Process 3. Environmental Scanning Outcome - Strategic Objectives - Strategy Implementation  Strategic HR Defined  What does it mean to be Strategic from HR Standpoint  How can this be Done STRATEGICALLY ALIGNED HR DEVELOPING HR POLICIES PROCEDURES Policies and Procedures are the strategic link between the Companys Vision and its day-to-day operations. Well written policies procedures allow employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits. This module will be useful to those who are just beginning to develop policies and those who are reviewing and updating existing policies.  Defining Policy and Procedure  Essential HR policy Topics  Essential content of a Practical Useful Policy  Common features of a Practical Policy  Role of the board of Directors in HR Policy Development  How to write HR Policies and Procedures  Communicating HR Policy to the Organization  Reviewing and Updating Policies

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The HR department plays an integral role in the budgeting of costs for the whole organisation. It is also responsible for the preparation and management of its own departmental budget and is accountable for the achievement of that budget. Financial awareness is therefore an essential requirement for every role at every level within the HR departments of modern business organisations. This module will provide insights in understanding the basic financial concepts of budgeting and how to prepare an hr budget. Budget Defined  Introduction to Organisational Finance  The link between Budgets and Organisational goals  Cash Flow Forecasts  Preparing a Budget Why Make Budget  Cost Control  Planning Revenue and Expenditure  Monitoring Plans against Actual Elements of an HR Budget  Manpower planning  Compensation costs  Recruitment and selection  Training and development  Performance management  Administration Preparing An HR Budget  Successful forecasting CONTROLLING AND PREPARING HR BUDGET JOB ANALYSIS AND JOB DESCRIPTION Job analysis helps in analyzing the resources and establishing the strategies to accomplish the business goals and strategic objectives. Effectively developed employee job descriptions and job specifications will help to hire quality workforce. This module will explain how to do that.  Historical Perspective of Job Analysis  Fredrick Taylor Scientific Management  Elton Mayo Hawthorne Studies  Job Analysis as Foundation of HR practices.  Job Analysis Methods  Outcome of Job Analysis - Writing Job Description - Writing Job Specification - Performance Standards  Competency Based Job Analysis STRIVE SUCCEED www. 6 MANPOWER PLANNING FORECASTING Manpower planning is a very important component of HR management. A thorough assessment of the present resources and the future estimated resources is done. In this module you will understand the importance of effective manpower planning how is it linked to the success of the organisation and how manpower planning is a vital strategic tool You will also be able to develop a plan that results in optimum staffing which helps to achieve the organisations goals.  Need for Manpower Planning  Pre-requisites of Manpower planning  Steps in Manpower planning  Process of Manpower Planning  Forecasting Techniques Demand of Employees - Managerial Judgment - Ratio-trend analysis - Regression Analysis I - Work Study Technique - Delphi Technique - Business Process Reengineering  Supply of Employees - Internal Sources - External Sources EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PAYROLL EXAMINATION CLASSIFICATION COMPENSATION HUMAN RESOURCES

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7 ASPIRE ACHIEVE HR AUDIT The process to review implementation of your institutions policies and procedures ensure compliance with employment law eliminate liabilities implement best practices and educate your managers. This module explains what HR Audit is and how to conduct it  What is HR Audit  Why should organizations undertake HR Audit  Scope of Audit  Auditing process - Briefing and orientation - Interview - Document Review 1 Questionnaire 2 Sampling  Approaches to HR Audit - Comparative Approach - Outside Authority Approach - Statistical Approach - Compliance Approach - MBO Approach  Preparing Audit Checklist  Collection of Data  Benchmarking the findings  Feedback on Results  Create Action Plan Stop dreading annual reviews and learn how to embrace them to your supreme advantage. This module will help you understand the detailed process of performance management and how to conduct it effectively and seamlessly.  Difference between Performance Management and Appraisals  Stakeholders and their Needs  Performance Management Goals  HR’s Role in Performance Management  Performance Management Process - Prerequisites. - Performance Planning. - Performance Execution. - Performance Assessment. - Performance Review. - Performance Renewal and Re-Contracting.  Performance Appraisal Methods - Graphic Rating Scale. - Ranking Method. - Forced Distribution Method. - Critical Incident Method. - Essay Method. - BARS–Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale - MBO–Management by Objectives.  Performance Management and Appraisal - Getting Ready for the Interview - Conducting the Performance Interview - Performance Renewal and Re-contracting  Problems with Assessment  Issues with Appraisal  Effect of poorly implemented Performance Management System EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND APPRAISALS ESTABLISHING STRATEGIC PAY PLANS - TOTAL REWARDS The Purpose of this module is develop knowledge in the areas of pay and benefit practices including job evaluation salary surveys individual and group performance-based pay. This module will also guide hr managers on how to develop salary structures.  Total Rewards - Compensation elements of total Rewards - Non Compensation elements of total Rewards  Roles and Responsibilities in Compensation System.  Strategy Aligned Pay  Policies Affecting Strategic Pay plans  Establishing Pay Rates - How do organizations establish what to pay to the employees - Internal compensation philosophy - Internal job worth - Market competitiveness - Market conditions - Internal budget.  Wage and Salary Surveys  What is Job Evaluation  Preparing for job evaluation  Choosing a Method - Ranking Method - Classification Method - Factor Method - Point Method  Special Topics in Compensation  Designing Financial Incentives  Psychological Insights into Financial Incentives  Types of Incentive Plans  Why Incentive Plans Fail

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STRIVE SUCCEED www. 8 TRAINING SESSIONS Make your Mark the Marketplace

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www. TESTIMONIALS The training was very inspirational. The whole program was energizing and gave lots of idea. Many case studies were discussed. – Ahmed Ali Alkuwaiti Learnt a lot from other participants as the sessions were highly interactive and fully practical oriented – Anthony Highly participatory and inclusive..I have gained a lot of knowledge....excellent faculty...nice and inspiring group. - Aroshi Romaine The training was excellent. Please keep it up Best Ive seen in different human resource trainings over the years. – Asma Faculty was outstanding including the guest lectures. Very much liked the approach. There was a lot of content so lots of food for thought - Bilal Yousaf This was one of my best learning experience. Thanks to Blue Ocean…Excellent insights into the dynamics of human resource management - Brinda I found the course very useful and will hopefully be able to put some of it into practice. – Deepa An excellent program – I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I work. A very knowledgeable faculty. Well done – Esther Keep on going The program is great in content and in terms of networking. Thank you for the training. - Fida Very interactive and participatory. Liked the way the training was structured. - Hadi Content and presentation by the facilitators was consistently high quality and engaging – Issam Abbas It is an experience that will live long in my memory. I will constantly use these skills in my profession and grow in my career. - Lucy Nicole High-impact trainer with lots of enthusiasm energy and ability. – Roula Mamoun Al Najjar 10 AIM ACCOMPLISH

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Train Blue Ocean and gain entry into an elite club of certified professionals worldwide For more information please contact: Tel: +971 4 3963968 Fax: +971 4 3961818 Email: Website:

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