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The Blockchain is one of the most significant technological revolutions of the present time.


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Can Blockchain Boost Air Travel Security The Blockchain is one of the most significant technological revolutions of the present time. Despite having a recent origin and being at a stage of infancy this technology has shown prospects to be the next big thing. From managing inventory to supply chain management to a financial transaction Blockchain finds application in all niches. Well our agenda of discussion in this blog is its use to boost air travel security. 2

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We all know that the air travel industry has a lot of information and database. Thus it becomes crucial for the industry to adopt measures which can ensure safety and security of this information. From travel booking immigration at hotels airports etc. and many other databases lies with the air travel industry which makes data sharing an integral part of this industry. Thus they need to run through complicated data reconciliation process between various systems to ensure operations security and facilitate the successful departure of the traveler. 3

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Each airline system has a mixed data which facilitate travel. The successful functioning of airlines is a result of coming together of a multitude of systems and sharing the information. Thus to ensure a seamless flow of information it is important that every information related to the traveler is easily accessible. Hence we need a system in place which can ensure this. Blockchain as we all know is a distributed ledger which has all the information can work wonders when it comes to air travel industry. 4

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Let’s have a quick look at how some of the companies have proposed the idea of using Blockchain Technology in the airline industry. Since all the data in the Blockchain is immutable and unalterable it remains safe and secure. Key features of Blockchain which make it a perfect solution for boosting security in air travel industry: 1 Decentralized systems 2 Distributed ledger 3 Leading to a safer and secure ecosystem by providing tamper-free environment 4 Immutability of the data 5

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These key features of Blockchain make it an indispensable tool to create a safe and secure environment where data cannot be tampered or altered. In any case if there is any change in the data it can be easily traced. That’s how Blockchain proves to be a great way to ensure security in air travel industry. 6

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Lufthansa introduces Blockchain for Airlines Initiative BC4A Well if you think that this is just a matter of research for companies then you must know that Lufthansa the German airline company has come up with BC4A. BC4A means Blockchain for Airlines. The objective of this project to see the potential of Blockchain in the airline industry. 7

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How will Blockchain help in ensuring safety and Security in air travel industry By now it is clear that Blockchain finds application in various industries and airlines is one of them. The multitude of features which this technology holds makes it inevitable for the industry to use it. At the same time its immutability and distributed ledger system ensure that the data is safe. The safety and security of information is the key priority for every industry. Let’s see how Blockchain helps the air travel industry: 8

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Security- From the beginning of the blog I have mentioned about the safety and security of information. Here we will see how Blockchain helps. We all know that while travelling there are various information which is shared with the airlines and airports right from the name to the preferences and transactions details. The current system used by the companies is safe but not 100 percent. To ensure complete security and safety it is important to have a tool in hand which can guarantee the safety of data. The Blockchain is that tool. The security wrapper in Blockchain creates a safe way to manage and share the information. This sharing reduces secured access and thus reduces the probability of data leakage. 9

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Luggages Custody- Change Tracking When it comes to enhancing the security in air travel industry then it not only about information it also includes the passenger luggage. The luggage changes its custody during the trip. It means that the luggage goes through various ground handlers. When such things happen then having a record of the change can help in tracing the responsible person. As we all know that Blockchain is a distributed ledger and since the information is entered here it will be visible to everyone. Even the changes can be easily traced. Introducing a Blockchain-based solution for tracking the luggage can prove to be useful to travel passengers luggage. 10

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Identity Management - It is yet another key aspect where Blockchain can prove useful. Blockchain technology along with biometrics technology can create a revolution in identity management. Once validated on the Blockchain it would be difficult for anyone to impersonate a person and thus reducing the probability of fraud. uPort4 is designing a system which allows the user to create digital verification of individuals on the Blockchain. 11

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Maintenance - Maintenance logs for the technicians in the air industry is a cumbersome task. It is a tedious job to enter every detail and tracing it back is again a tedious task. However with the Blockchain Technology you can create immutable copies of every part of the plane and it will have all information like when the part was installed when it was repaired who handled it etc. Thus making everything safe and secure and also easily accessible. 12

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Loyalty - You would have often heard about loyalty points. This is a big business in the airline industry. In the traditional system the customer had to wait for the points to settle and then assure them to use them. Using tokenization on loyalty points the travellers can instantly get value by redeeming them on the spot. . 13

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Blockchain - a revolution in the airline industry Although many controversies are surrounding this technology the kind of proposition the Blockchain Technology holds has itself made popular. There are various airlines like Lufthansa which are exploring the use of Blockchain in ensuring the safety and security of data and information. Blockchain with so many features and its decentralized nature has made it a source of new revolution in the airline industry. 14

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