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BOYIE: BONGA NA DJB! CP: MATATA MALKIA: MK: MA-! Kenya’s award-winning youth communications channel exists simultaneously on multiple media: c omic-books | daily syndicated FM | sms w eb | facebook | twitter t o entertain & inform young Kenyans

Charlie Pele and the Blood Donation:

Charlie Pele and the Blood Donation This story was distributed and broadcast nationally in Kenya in Sept 2011 simultaneously on all the ShujaazFM media With an expected total audience of 6 million A well known young K enyan hero, C harlie P ele , helps save a life by challenging the stigma around donating blood…

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On a sunny day in a busy market somewhere in K enya, peace is shattered when a distraught woman arrives shouting for help...

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…our hero, C harlie, rushes to find out what is wrong. “My daughter has been hurt in an accident! She needs blood but the clinic doesn’t have any. I need people to come and donate blood.” Charlie promises to help her....

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But everyone has an excuse not to donate blood... “I’m scared of needles!” “I might get HIV!” “I’m too busy!” “I donated blood last year!” Even C harlie’s dad refuses to donate blood...

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Charlie is about to give up hope when his neighbour [his dad’s arch-rival!] happily agrees to donate blood. Dad refuses to be out-shone and the two rivals head to the clinic...

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At the clinic the rivals refuse to show any sign of weakness... ...but the sight of the needle proves too much and C harlie’s dad cracks! But when the nurse reassures him, he succumbs...and discovers it isn’t as bad as he imagined!

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A few weeks later Charlie’s dad is delighted when the woman and her little daughter come to the market to say thank you for donating blood & helping to save her life! GIVE BLOOD – SAVE A LIFE ShujaazFM is produced by:

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