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Over, in the Bible, we have proof that the Bible authors were black people. The Bible additionally supplies adequate proof to the truth the old Israelites were Black African in skin tone in both the Old and New Testaments. If you like look, the Bible proclaims loud and clear it is the de-facto Black history publication. Thus, it is a crime for black people preferring to understand their record to ignore it. Here you will review Black History Books.Visit our site for more information on Black History Books


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Black History Books The books being promoted on this website conclusively prove that the authors of the Bible where our black ancestors and the information in the Bible is what is left for us their descendants to guide us. Thus making the Bible the definitive black-history-book. To read more about these black ancestors who wrote the Bible consider getting your copy of the book; "The Call to the Hebrews," to find out more about black ancestors. Before commiting yourself to purchasing your copy, you can read excerpts of the book by clicking the link and reading the sample pages of this black history book. Find out what others are saying after reading the Black History Books .

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The Secrets Of African History Are out in our black history books With pesky gang problems continuing to mushroom not only in major cities across the country, but seeping into small towns and communities also, what's the solution? Many attempts has at best helped to stifle gang growth and at worse fueled or covered up the cause, similar to placing a band-aid over a gunshot wound. But a growing number of African American activist, educators and even politicians are looking to Black history as another solution.

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Get More Information About The Origins Of Many Black People In Our Black History Books During Black History month everyone will remember the long line of history left to celebrate, and look toward the future of history being written with the Kings, queens, leaders, orators, champions and heralds of a great nation of people. Amongst these great people are those who may or may not get a full appreciation of the effect they have made on history and I want to dedicate this article to a cheerleader for children, poetry and motivation in the person of LaKisha Marie Tanksley .

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You Will Read Untold African Ancestors' Secrets in our African History Books

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The Black History Bible Offers Proof To The Fact The Ancient Israelites Visit our site

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