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Bivocalbirds present you with this article regarding everything you should know about renting an apartment or house. So, without further delay, let’s take a trip to the renting world.


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Bivocalbirds present you with this presentation regarding everything you should know about renting an apartment or house. So, without further delay, let’s take a trip to the renting world.


What do you mean by renting? Renting is a term used when you pay a fixed amount of money to the owner every month for the utilization of their apartment or house to live there. The amount you pay is called “rent”. What is a lease? A lease is a legal contract that you have to sign for rent an apartment or a house. It says The amount of rent you will be going to pay and when you will pay. How long you will rent the property. What happens if you delay the payment? The rules and regulations you must follow. Other costs you have to pay. Your lease will say whether the costs of utilities are included in your rent or not. Utilities can be expensive, therefore, be mindful of that.


What is the validity of the lease? Least usually depend upon the situations of person to person. It might last a year or longer. Like if you are not planning to stay in the apartment or house for a year, then it will be wise to seek a short-term or month-to-month lease. If you move out before your lease expires, it will be known as breaking your lease. You might have to pay extra. Read your lease carefully to know how much you will have to pay money if you move out before the lease time ends.


What is a security deposit? It is extra money you have to pay one time when you rent an apartment or house. Remember, it is not considered a part of the rent you pay every month. It usually the same amount of money as one or two months of rent. The landlord of the property keeps your security deposit until you move out then give it back. However, he might not return the security deposit back if you: Damage the apartment or house Leave before your lease period ends


What do you need to rent an apartment or house? Below are the things you will need while you apply to rent an apartment or house: Your identification card, like an Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving’s license, for a credit or background check. Information about your employer and your income. Information about your previous place. And need money to pay for: Security deposit Your first-month rent Extra rent if you have bad credit Utility deposit for electricity, water, or other services. A credit check or background check


Do you need good credit to rent an apartment? Most of the landlords check your credit to see if you can pay bills when they are due. Some owners might even not rent to you or might demand you to pay more rent in advance if your credit history is not good. What does your landlord have to do? It is the duty and the responsibility of the landlord to respond to the requests for repairs in a reasonable span of time. Along with this, the landlord should provide essential services like the supply of water, electricity, parking (if available), communication links, and sanitary services.


What if you cannot afford an apartment or house? Some apartment owner offers lower rents to people who are having financial issues. Bivocalbirds also have EMI options especially for this. You don’t need to worry about brokerage, packers movers, security deposit charges. We have an EMI service to reduce your burden. What is a landlord who wants you to wire the security money? Never! Do not wire the money. There are many scams where people lie about being landlords and pretend, they have available apartments or houses to rent. Those people will try to trick you into sending them money. So, never do it because once you send the money, you cannot get it back.


That’s its fellows! You now have all the knowledge about the renting world. You can proceed to the next step- that is searching for your dream home. And for this step to go as smooth and hassle-free, EXPLORE BivocalBirds . THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

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