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The reverberating success of multi-vendor e-commerce stores like Amazon, Alibaba and Flipkart has given the magic formula for success to many online entrepreneurs. With these brands setting up the sales bar higher with each major sale season, it has been proven beyond doubt that customers love these online marketplaces over regular online stores. Aiming to replicate the success of these multi-vendor e-commerce marketplaces by building one for your business? Been searching for a multi-vendor e-commerce platform? Check out the must-have features to make a killer multi-vendor e-commerce platform.


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1 7 Features Of A Killer Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Platform Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Guide

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2 Why Multi-Vendor Ecommerce The success and record breaking sales of popular online marketplaces has established that online marketplaces are a virtual goldmine. Statistics underline their massive popularity: ● Customers spent 1.8 trillion globally on online marketplaces in 2018 ● Online marketplace accounts for more than 50 of global online sales ● 95 of all consumers have already used a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace

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3 Why Multi Vendor Ecommerce is a win-all model Admin Gets Full Control Advantage For Vendors Happy Customers ● Admin controls vendors orders commissions products more ● Earns commission on each order ● ZERO investment in inventory. ● ZERO investment going online ● Freedom to sell multiple products ● Just register and start selling ● Rich product catalogue ● Competitive pricing ● Unified platform for multiple product lines

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4 Checklist T o Choose The Best Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform T o ensure that you have chosen the best multi-vendor ecommerce solution check whether it has the following features: ✓ Does it offer fast loading marketplace ✓ Does it allow easy customizations ✓ Is it scalable to any number of vendors users products Check 1: Performance and Flexibility

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5 ✓ Is the vendor management streamlined ✓ Do you get easy vendor registration and payout module ✓ Are vendor inventory management pricing shipping distribution etc. simple ✓ Can customers shop by brand category price range etc. ✓ Do customers get pricing comparison and advanced search ✓ Does it give large product display videos and zoom view options Check 2: Support for Vendor Management Check 3: Support for Vendor Management

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6 ✓ Can you set up fixed and flexible vendor commissions ✓ Can you set different shipping charges discounts for your vendors ✓ Do you get comprehensive vendor ledger for vendor receivables and payouts ✓ Do you get IP based multi-currency support ✓ Can you build a multilingual multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace ✓ Can you setup country or region specific multi-stores within your online marketplace Check 4: Easy Accounting Check 5: Options to go Global

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7 ✓ Do you get a mobile website without additional coding and cost ✓ Can you build Android and iOS apps easily ✓ Do you get a device optimized multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace ✓ Is your multi-vendor ecommerce platform SEO friendly ✓ Do you get easy tools for discounts and promotions ✓ Can you promote yourself across various social channels Check 6: Mobile First Approach Check 7: Support for SEO and Marketing

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8 Start 14-day FREE Trial OR Book a Demo Email: binny.josephhippoinnovations.com Mob:+91-959-991-6383 www.storehippo.com If you get all these features in a multi vendor ecommerce platform go for it

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