Does Your Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Have These 3 Features?


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It’s no wonder that the amazing growth of B2B ecommerce has pushed many traditional wholesalers to take the ecommerce route. However, the big question still remains who to trust for finding the right enterprise ecommerce platform? While the search for the right ecommerce solution seems daunting, checking the most important features can help you make an informed decision. Check out the must-have features in your turnkey enterprise ecommerce platform and take your business to new markets.


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1 Enterprise E-Commerce Guide

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2 B2B ecommerce is witnessing a global boom. It is expected to reach 6.6 trillion in sales by 2020. Enterprise Business that take the Ecommerce route can reap the following benefits: ● Reach New Markets ● Widen Customer Base ● Better Customer Supplier Engagement ● Boost Sales ● Reduce Costs ● Increase Operational Efficiencies ● Improve Order Fulfillment

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3 It offers the following benefits to Enterprise Businesses: Feature-rich with host of inbuilt features Battle-tested in live scenarios T echnical Support before and after sale Reduce the go to market time Cost-effective and quick to implement

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4 Asking the right questions can help you filter the available Ecommerce Platforms. Spending time in research saves: Check your solution on 3 crucial parameters before you take the leap Pain of finding out issues after it is too late The pain and hassle of migration Cost of buying new apps/plugins to fulfill your requirements

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5 Questions you need to ask: ● Can it be implemented quickly ● Does it allow easy customizations ● Does it offer mobile site and Android iOS apps ● Is the Enterprise Ecommerce Platform auto-upgradable ● Does it offer security from SQL injection DDoS attacks etc.

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6 Questions you need to ask: ● Do you pay additionally for CDN firewall backup servers etc. ● Do you get 99.99 uptime and load scalability at no additional cost ● Do you need premium plugins for your Enterprise Business ● Does it offer auto-renewable SSL for single or multiple B2B substores ● Do they charge extra for offering design themes

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7 Questions you need to ask: ● Are you getting inbuilt multi-vendor marketplace and sub-store functionality ● Does the Enterprise Ecommerce Platform offers a powerful discount engine ● Can you easily calculate and set multi-level taxes ● Can you make your website multilingual and offer multi currency payments ● Does it offer pricing override feature to offer different prices to your customers

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8 If You Get All These Features in an E-Commerce Platform Go For It Start 14-day FREE Trial OR Book a Demo Email: Mob:+91-959-991-6383

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