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Binary Scam Watch Monitor helps in lack of communication. Usually when a scam has run it’s course the level of communication will drop because they will want to deal with the new traders and try to get some money out of them.


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FTC’s Mission and Legal Framework:

1 Mission : To prevent business practices that are anticompetitive, deceptive, or unfair to consumers Consumer Protection: The Federal Trade Commission Act provides that “unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce…are…declared unlawful.” ( 15 U.S.C. Sec. 45(a)(1 )) Competition: The FTC Act also prohibits “unfair methods of competition.” ( 15 U.S.C. Sec. 45(a )) Including any conduct that violates the Sherman Antitrust Act or the Clayton Act Binary Scam Watch Monitor FTC’s Mission and Legal Framework


Consumers should get what they pay for. The FTC works to ensure that national advertisers can back up the claims they make for their products, especially health and safety claims. Challenging Deceptive Advertising and Marketing Law Enforcement: Operation Steer Clear (Car-Dealer sweep) POM Wonderful Sketchers & Reebok Settlements Your Baby Can Read! Ab Circle Pro Winfixer ($ 163M S careware case) John Beck ($478M “get rich quick” case) Operation False Promises (Business Opportunity sweep ) International crackdown on massive tech support scams 2 Outreach: Tech Support Scams Video: Protect Your Computer from Malware Buying and Owning a Car Blog : What your ads say and what the science supports: If the shoe doesn't fit ...

The Tech Industry:

The Tech Industry The Commission takes a balanced approach when applying antitrust and consumer protection principles to fast-paced technology markets, focusing on the facts as they develop in real time to asses when to best protect consumers and how to encourage competition. 3 Law Enforcement: Apple ($32.5M settlement for in-app purchases) Honeywell (merger of bar code scanner companies ) (competition) Nielsen (merger of audience measurement service companies ) (competition) Wise Media (Mobile Cramming case) Jesta Digital, LLC (1 st Wireless Access Protocol billing case) Goldenshores Technologies, LLC (Popular flashlight app shares users location) TRENDnet (Faulty software in home security cameras) Outreach: Payments and Billing Using IP Cameras Safely Mystery Charges on Your Phone Bill Understanding Mobile Apps Marketing Your Mobile App: Get It Right From The Start Search Engine Guidance Letters Policy: Reports: mobile payments transparency in mobile privacy disclosures Dot Com Disclosures Revised Report Conferences : mobile security issues ; mobile cramming ; Internet of Things ; online native advertising


Safeguarding Children The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the FTC’s COPPA Rule protect children’s privacy when they’re online by putting their parents in charge of who gets to collect personal information about their preteen kids. The FTC enforces COPPA by ensuring that parents have the tools they need to protect their children’s privacy. Law Enforcement: The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA Rule) Artists Arena ($1 million) Path ($800K) Outreach : Child Identity Theft Infographic : Keeping Up with Kids’ Apps Marketing Your Mobile App: Get it Right form the Start Audio: Protecting Your Child’s Personal Information 4 Policy and Studies : Amicus Brief Clarifying Role of COPPA FTC Grants Approval for New COPPA Verifiable Parental Consent Method Public Comment for i VeriFly , Inc., Proposal for Parental Verification Method Second Staff Report examining privacy disclosures and practices of apps offered to children


Protecting Consumers in a Recovering Economy Even as the economy recovers, some consumers continue to face financial challenges . The FTC takes effective actions to ensure that consumers are protected from abusive credit practices and get the information they need to make informed financial choices. Law Enforcement: American Debt Crunchers Luebke Baker Rumson Bolling ($700K d ebt collection case) Goldman Schwartz (False threats to consumers) Broadway Global Master (Phony Debt Collection Scam) Innovative Wealth Builders (telemarketing credit card int. rate reduction scam ) Studies : Debt Buyer Study Outreach : Deceptive Mortgage Ads Stop Calls and Letters From Debt Collectors Fake Debt Collectors 5

Protecting Consumer Privacy:

As the nation’s top cop on the consumer privacy beat, the FTC’s goals are to protect consumer privacy in an evolving market for consumer information, make sure companies keep their privacy promises to consumers, and ensure that consumers have confidence to take advantage of the benefits that a dynamic marketplace offers. Law Enforcement: Google ( $ 22.5M) Wyndham Worldwide Corp. Cbr Systems, Inc. DesignerWare , LLC (spying on consumers) Enforcing the Do Not Call Registry Studies: Mobile Privacy Disclosure Report Outreach : Privacy Choices for Your Personal Financial Information Employment Background Checks Video: Sharing Information: A Day in Your Life Mobile App Developers: Start with Security Protecting Consumer Privacy 6


Accuracy and Transparency in Credit Reporting Services The agency has used its consumer protection law enforcement tools t o improve consumer services Law Enforcement: Certegy Check Services, Inc. (1 st Furnisher Rule action; $3.5M penalty-“2nd-largest for FCPA Matter”) TeleCheck Services, Inc . Time Warner Cable ( $ 1.9M) Equifax , HireRight & Spokeo , Inc. (FCRA) 7 Outreach: Disputing Errors on Credit Reports Blog : Keeping Your Credit Report in Check Consumer Reports: What Information Furnishers Need to Know Using Consumer Reports for Credit Decisions: What to Know About Adverse Action and Risk-Based Pricing Notices Policy: Amicus brief: Delgado v. Capital Mgmt. Services, LP FTC Study of The U.S . Credit Reporting Industry


Stopping Fraud Law enforcement to prevent consumer fraud continues as a high priority for the agency. Law Enforcement: Ivy Capital Direct Benefits Group, LLC (payday loan applicant scam) Prime Legal Plans ($3.6M; phony mortgage relief scheme) Mortgage Investors Corp . (record $ 7.5M to settle alleged telemarketing violations) Expert Global Solutions, Inc . ($ 3.2M; world’s largest debt collection operation) Multinational Effort in Travel and Timeshare Resale Scams 8 Outreach: Travel Scams Telemarketing Scams Mortgage Relief Scams National Do Not Call Registry Interactive Game: Gear Up for a Great Trip Telemarketing Debt Relief Services & the Telemarketing Sales Rule

The Health Industry:

The Health Industry The FTC is engaged in ongoing efforts to stop (1) bogus claims that unproven remedies can be used to prevent and treat serious diseases and (2) misleading claims for products promoting easy weight loss and slimmer bodies. Finally, the FTC is committed to ensuring that firms who collect that data use reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent it from falling into the hands of identity thieves and other unauthorized users. 9 Law Enforcement: LabMD , Inc (securing personal data) St. Luke’s Health System (hospital merger case) (competition) Operation Failed Resolution ($34M for consumer redress) Mylan & Agila (pharmaceutical merger) (competition) Wellness Support Network ($2.2M; phony claims re . diabetes) Actavis (anticompetitive pay-for-delay agreements) (competition) Policy : Advocacy comments to legislators in Connecticut , Illinois , and Massachusetts Outreach : Weighing the Claims in Diet Ads Blog – Sensa-tionalistic Claims Don’t Shake Off the Pounds Blog – Putting the Squeeze on Bogus Weight Loss Products Gut Check: A Reference Guide for Media on Spotting False Weight Loss Claims Health Claims

Energy & Environmental Products Industries:

Energy & Environmental Products Industries Consumers continue to value efficient energy markets and environmentally-friendly products. The Commission devotes significant resources to ensure that competition to produce these items remains robust and that consumers are protected. 10 Law Enforcement: Tesoro & Chevron (Acquisition of Oil Pipelines) (competition) Lights of America ($21M LED bulbs) Sellers of plastic products (Challenging Deceptive Biodegradable Plastics Claims for 1 st Time) Mattress + manufacturers (VOC claims) NEW Plastics Corp. ( L umber) Down to Earth Designs (Diapers ) Studies : Green Guides Staff Report: U.S. Ethanol Markets Remain Unconcentrated Outreach: Shopping “Green” Video - Green Guides Audio Tip: Learn About Lumens Environmental Marketing Blog - Grading your degradability claims: The latest for green marketers Blog – FTC to mattress companies: Don’t pad your green claims



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