How Long Will Social Security Disability Benefits Pay-

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How Long Will Social Security Disability Benefits Pay

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It may have taken you a long time to get approval for SSDI or SSI social security disability benefits and now that you have it it’s understandable that you would want to know how long you will continue to receive those payments for. Well the answer relies heavily on whether there has been any evidence of work activity such as the kind not permitted when receiving SSI benefits or clear indications of an improvement in the recipient’s medical health. Read on for further information:

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How often will my disability claim be reviewed Your disability claim will be reviewed periodically most often from every three years to every seven years and this is mainly to ascertain whether the medical conditions for which you’re receiving payments have improved since you first made a claim or whether you have been engaging in any work activities.

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What can affect my continuing eligibility As mentioned if your medical condition has improved you are at risk of your claim being stopped but the reality is that for the majority of claims payments continue or are re-approved after each review and only a minority are stopped due to medical improvement. One of the reasons behind this is that determining whether a medical condition has improved is extremely difficult and doctors rarely transcribe records detailing how well a patient can or cannot function on a daily basis and what their limitations are physically.

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During each review your work activity will also be considered and may be investigated at any time during the period of your claim. You are of course obliged by law to declare any paid or voluntary work that you may have engaged in while claiming disability benefits but failure to do so won’t mean that you’ve simply succeeded in cheating the system as the SSA may be informed about your earnings by the IRS.

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If my medical condition will never improve and I am not able to work how long will my benefits be paid for If the SSA has never been able to prove that your medical condition has gotten better and in fact doctors have stated that you may never be able to work again and your condition may never improve then you will receive your benefit payments until your full retirement age.

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What can I do if I want further information or guidance about my disability claim and payments As getting approved for SSI can be a long and complicated process you could consider hiring someone who specializes in such cases to help you improve the chances of your claim being granted. Research has shown that applicants supported by somebody such as a disability attorney are far more likely to be successful with their claim than those who are not represented by legal counsel.

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Not only that but once your claim has been granted any further queries that you may have – such as how long your payments will continue for – can be answered swiftly and accurately by a specialist attorney.

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Your search for Knoxville social security disability attorney ends here. Bill Hotz and Associates is law firm that has been helping people get approved for their social security disability benefits for over 25 years. We’ve a team of over 30 Knoxville social security disability lawyers paralegals.

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