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How to read and analyze a pedigree chart


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Family Pedigrees:

Family Pedigrees

What is a family pedigree:

What is a family pedigree A pedigree traces the history of a trait as it passes through a family.

What are the symbols for a pedigree?:

What are the symbols for a pedigree? Symbol Meaning Female with trait Female without trait Male with trait Male without trait (Half shaded circle) ONLY USED WITH SEX-LINKED TRAITS! Female carrier

How to Read a pedigree:

How to Read a pedigree Always read a pedigree from top to bottom, and left to right! Parents (1st generation) Children (2nd generation) Grand children (3rd generation) First (oldest) child Last (youngest) child

PowerPoint Presentation:

This horizontal line shows that this man and woman are married! And represent the parents in this pedigree. This line leads to the couples children! 2 3 4 This couple has 4 children! This couple has 1 grandchild! This square represent the man that married their youngest daughter!

Genotypes and Pedigrees:

Genotypes and Pedigrees

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