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Unist is a world leader in the design and manufacture of metal cutting fluid and cutting oils. Learn how our metal cutting technology can save you money Call Now 02 8850 2022


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johnbarker@unist.com.au www.unist.com.au

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Metal Cutting Solutions Machining & Cutting: Get more by using less!! There is the OLD way and then there is the NEW way, the old way uses mineral oils mixed with water which are then called metalworking fluids. Unist Australia eliminates the OLD way (flood coolant) and replaces it with a cost effective alternative.We don’t use metal working fluids we use a CUTTING OIL.


Uni -Max Revolution™ Saves You Money! The Uni -Max Revolution™ not only improves the efficiency of your CNC machines, but also your bottom line. Unist systems routinely eliminate the need for flood coolant while also significantly increasing tool life and feed rates.


Uni -Max Revolution™ & M-Codes Designed to be programmed from M-codes, the Uni -Max Revolution™ allows the operator to precisely control the amount of fluid being dispensed for each job. Featuring two independently controlled fluid applicators and an air blow-off nozzle for chip removal, the Uni -Max Revolution™ allows you to dispense the lubricant exactly where needed, in the amount needed - down to 0.20 ounces (6mL) per hour.


Coolubricator™: The perfect MQL metal cutting companion. With MQL, individual metal cutting applications each have their own "sweet spot" or precise amount of fluid necessary for optimum efficiency. Too little fluid, or too much fluid and tool life can suffer and fluid can be wasted. Reduces fluid usage Promotes a clean and safe work environment Prolongs tool life Improves cut quality Made for environmentally friendly Coolube® Dry chips - higher recycling value


Uni -Max Revolution™ Saves You Money! Separate Air & Fluid is the key to delivering consistent atomization and fluid distribution over extended lengths of supply tubing. This is where the patented Unist Co-Axial Nozzle steps in. Fluid and air are kept separate until they are combined at the nozzle tip.

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Unist Australia Pty Ltd. Contact Today: 7 Bendtree Way, Castle Hill, NSW 2154, Australia‎ Ph no: 02 8850 2022 johnbarker@unist.com.au www.unist.com.au

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