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WIDE, JP and Asia: 

WIDE, JP and Asia Jun Murai

WIDE 10GE Backbone: 

WIDE 10GE Backbone

JGN II Network Topology : 

JGN II Network Topology

JGNII L2 Configuration: 

JGNII L2 Configuration


T-LEX A layer-1/2/3 exchange in Tokyo Primary designed for IEEAF Tokyo landing point Access to Japanese academic networks WIDE, APAN-JP, JGN2, MAFFIN, DragonTap SINET soon be connected KOREN has access through Genkai/JGN2 Future extension of IEEAF Asian circuits

T-LEX Configuration: 

T-LEX Configuration Cisco ONS-15454 Foundry BigIron15000 Cisco Catalyst6506

T-LEX/IEEAF Press conference: 

T-LEX/IEEAF Press conference FLA-Studio N+I Tokyo2004 in Makuhari


Tokyo Lambda Exchange(T-LEX)

T-LEX Configuration : 

T-LEX Configuration ONS-15454: OC-192, OC-48, 4*ML1000-2 - Optical MUX BigIron-15000: 16*GbE, 3*10GE, 2*OC12-POS - Provides L2 switch as well as IPv4 L3 Catalyst 6500: OC-48, 4*10GE, 6*GbE - Provides OC-48 as well as IPv6 L3

The current configuration internal to T-LEX : 

BigIron 15000 Catalyst 6500 ONS-15454 Participating Networks 10GE OC-48 OC-12 OC-192 8*GbE AS23614 AS23614 Pacific NorthWest GigaPOP (Seattle, WA) When T-LEX provides layer-3 service in IPv4 and in IPv6, it uses AS23814. The current configuration internal to T-LEX


Current Participants of T-LEX

WIDE-IEEAF Lambda Internet: 

7600 km 9300 km 17 Time Zones 10 Gbps l 10 Gbps l WIDE-IEEAF Lambda Internet

IEEAF Wan-Phy test: Seattle-Tokyo: 

IEEAF Wan-Phy test: Seattle-Tokyo The first 10GbE WAN-PHY btwn US-JP On IEEAF OC-192 Tokyo-Seattle Hitachi’s WAN-PHY equipment


日米間ネットワーク SFC USC 10G Network USC Abilene APAN WIDE


ネットワークトポロジ図 T-LEX Abilene – Pacific Wave - USC AS#4552 USC 3ffe:805:e9/48 APAN AS7660 T640 AS11537 ::2 ::1 DV ETC HD Demo DV SEND 11 DVTS 10 SERVER 10 cat6K BI4K BI4K BI4K Cat6K AS#2500 WIDE $ traceroute 1 ( 18.801 ms 38.004 ms 7.505 ms 2 tpr2-ae0-6.jp.apan.net ( 1.977 ms 1.903 ms 3.945 ms 3 transpac-la-tpr2.jp.apan.net ( 105.506 ms 105.878 ms 105.445 ms 4 ( 105.890 ms 105.728 ms 105.717 ms 5 baja.ip4.int ( 105.667 ms 105.657 ms 105.621 ms fujisawa fujisawa yagami nezu NTT Otemachi DV & HD Demo HD CLIENT 131 HD CLIENT 130 DV SEND 132 DV SEND 133 DV RECV 134 DV RECV 135 SFC USC Robert Zemeckis Center VLAN 53 7603 ZML BI8K Cat3760 IPv6/v4 Tunneling ::3 10Gbit Ethernet シカゴ経由


24,000km(15,000miles) 15,680km (9,800miles) OC-192 OC-48 x 3 GbE x 1 8,320km (5,200miles) Juniper T320 iSCSI testing used IEEAF

DR poster: 

DR poster http://www.wide.ad.jp/news/press/CERN-experiment51.pdf

Geneva--Tokyo OC-192 Experiment: 

Geneva--Tokyo OC-192 Experiment Rene' Hatem from CANARIE originally planned In APAN meeting, Jul 2004 WIDE-IEEAF-PNWGpop-CA*NET4-SURFnet-CERN Details discussed in luncheon meeting during GLIF Most of core engineers got together Targeted in early October Nice milestone toward Atlas Project being build in CERN U-Tokyo/ICEPP participates as a data distribution center LHC is expected to be operational in 2007

Geneva--Tokyo Circuit: 

Geneva--Tokyo Circuit See the figure 18,500km/11,500mile one-way Nice result of GLIF collaboration OC-192 circuit is used as a 10GE-WanPhy Foundry NI40G in Tokyo and in CERN 10GE-LW XENPAKs 10GE-ER to U of Tokyo Many temporally available resources No L2 device between Geneva and Tokyo Established an OC-192 lightpat

SC2004 BWC: 

SC2004 BWC Data Reservoir group used the similar infrastructure CERN--|SURFnet|--[UVA]--|SURFnet| --[StarLight]--|CA*net4|--|PNWGpop|--|IEEAF| --[T-LEX]--(APAN-JP)--|JGN2|--(TransPAC) --[StarLight]--(Abilene)--|NLR|--(SCInet)--Booth510 legend: |circuit|, [L2], (L3) 29,300km/18,300 mile in *our* equipment more than 31,200km/19,400 mile fiber run Press release by DR group is being prepared


Detailed configuration inside of CA*net4 cloud is not shown HND-PDX-SEA-YYJ-YVR-YYC-YQR-YWG-MSP-ORD-AMS-GVA: 11,569mi/18,618km Oct 12, 2004, by kato@wide.ad.jp

Lessons from these experiments: 

Lessons from these experiments It is difficult to debug when packet loss happens Loopbak test is the only tool Loaded test is not easy with Ethernet switches Access/disclore of intermediate nodes will help cf. Abilene Core Node Proxy T-LEX and CERN provides read-only switch access May need remote loopback functionality Access to lightpath devices may not such an easy ONS-15454, OME6500, etc Engineers are required to work overnight Due to time difference When go to bed in Tokyo, east coast people wake up All of the time description should be in UTC

Geneva--Tokyo Application: 

Geneva--Tokyo Application Data Reservoir project chaired by Prof. Kei Hiraki http://data-reservoir.adm.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ Marked 7.57Gbps *single* TCP stream, memory-to-memory Celsio 10GE NIC, TCP off-loaded 1500Byte MTU 9Gbps filled by 9 Xeon Servers in each side disk-to-disk

Glif gave up Packet Switching ?: 

Glif gave up Packet Switching ? Possible congestion Possible packet loss Possible latency Shared=Inexpensive

VoIP (R)Evolution : 

Cell phones IP phones 15 VoIP (R)Evolution


クライアントマシンⅢ チャンネルB DVTSとマルチキャスト DVTS Multicasting

TV system is changing with IP: 

TV system is changing with IP ATM-TV中継網 STB STB 放送局 放送局 DWDM網 CATV CATV/ISP

Overview of Experimentation: 

Overview of Experimentation 映像データベース



Euro to Asia: 

Euro to Asia

Cable Map in Asia From NTT/Verio materials for AsiaBroadband: 

Shima Pusan Nanhui Nasugbu Wada Lantau Island Kitaibaraki Chongming Shantou Kuantan Katong Tansui Fangshan Batangas Chikura Shanghai Keoje Macau Danang Jakarta Tungku Medan Pyapon Penang Miura Ninomiya Songkhla Satun Toucheng Ajigaura Miyazaki Phetchaburi Sriracha Hochiminh City To India C2C FNAL APCN2 EAC PC-1 SMW-3 FLAG APCN T-V-H G-P C2C C2C C2C C2C C2C C2C C2C FNAL FNAL APCN2 APCN2 APCN2 APCN2 EAC EAC EAC EAC EAC EAC Ch-US Ch-US Ch-US SMW-3 SMW-3 SMW-3 SMW-3 SMW-3 FLAG FLAG APCN APCN T-V-H G-P APCN JP-US PC-1 Ch-US JP-US Pacific Cable Asian Cable Maruyama Emi Tyco Tyco Cable Map in Asia From NTT/Verio materials for AsiaBroadband

Interactive Discussion on “Interactive Distance Education”: 

Interactive Discussion on “Interactive Distance Education” July 2nd 2003 Participants from; KEIO, Japan UCSY, Myanmar ASTI, Philippine ITB, Indonesia AFY, Malaysia NUOL, Laos

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