How to choose your takeaways right

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Get to know how to choose your takeaways right, from various cuisines available in menu. Also it is important to find healthy as well as well-balanced meal in a takeaway outlet. Visit link to know more.


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Choose Your Takeaways Right It’s not easy to resist the urge of ordering your faorite takeaay after a long and heti day at t he office when you are in a hurry or on a Friday night. Takeaways are part of our lives when we are on the run or want to have a quick bite. Fast-food is not only convenient they are also tasty and less expensive. Though regular eating out can play havoc with your waistline and general health relishing your favorite dishing once or twice a month is an occasional treat. The favorite takeaway temptations are the Indian South Asian and Italian. These cuisines often present with calorie-conundrums to those who are health conscious. Key to enjoying your takeaways is to choose the right items so it does not become a calorific splurge. Indian

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It’s generally said you need to ath your aistline if you hae fondness for Indian urries and reads suh as utter naans. Though it’s not untrue you hae a ide ariety of choices when it comes to Indian food. You can replace the creamy Indian curries with tomato based sauces. Chapattis or plain tandoor roti are healthier options to butter naan. Instead of deep-fried chicken choose tandoori chicken kebabs. Choose seekh kebabs that is filled with herbs lean meat like chicken or fish and vegetable. One can always choose plain steamed rice over the pulao rice or biriyani that is cooked with extra masalas oil and seasoned with fried onions and dry fruits. Give a cold shoulder to creamy korma and fried starters. South Asian The South Asian takeaways are yummy and most of us tend to over eat. Most of the takeaways are battered and deep fried and crisp that makes items all mouth-watering. There are always healthier options to choose from such as plain noodles crab sweetcorn soup steamed dumplings vegetable stir-fry. chicken chop sueysteamed fish Szechuan prawns steamed/boiled rice. Swap spring rolls and wontons with soups filled chicken or crab sweetcorn or even steam dumplings as starters. Italian Creamy sauces and loads of variety of cheese toppings rule the roost of Italian cuisine. Creamy Lasagna or pasta are all tempting. The sad news is that they are all a great setback for any kind of diet you are following. There is also good news out there for Italian cuisine lovers. Ask for tomato sauces and herbs. Instead of creamy pasta or lasagna order for pasta with tomato sauce lean meat or vegetables. You can actually give a boost to your daily vegetable quota by topping the pastas/lasagna with bell peppersonions sweet corn and olives. Pastas with tomato base is loaded with antioxidants. Similarly you can also try your hand at baked lasagna filled with tomatoes mushrooms spinach/ chicken. Takeaways need not be always calorific nightmares if your choices are right. At times finding a healthy as well as well-balanced meal in a takeaway outlet is a challenge. However there are many healthier options in the menu. A decade ago healthy meal on a highway or close to your home/office fast-food joint would be a sad looking salad or bland veg/chicken sandwich. Today takeaway joints dish out healthier options. A prominent food takeaway joint in Pune that is gaining popularity is Beyond 360 degrees. The business hours are from 11 AM to 11 PM. One can browse through the site register with them and check out their menu. The food is designed and prepared under the guidance of Chef Anand. The food is not just sumptuous but also reasonably priced keeping mind the office-goers and regular travelers. The quantity is more than enough. The takeaway boxes are designed to hold the food and the accompaniments. These can be reused too.

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Think of food Think Beyond 360 degrees

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