First Time Home Buyers Seminar

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New American Mortgage Todd Jenkins



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We Believe OWNING a Home Is the Cornerstone Of Personal Wealth and Financial Security

Our Goals:

Communicate Educate Provide the BEST loan options Build Long Term Relationships Our Goals


What’s important to you about buying and owning a home? What questions do you have about the home-buying process? Questions

Benefits :

Build Equity through Appreciation Build Equity by paying down the loan Tax Benefits Benefits

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Paying your landlord and Start paying Yourself

Achieve a Smooth Home Buying Process:

Credit Income Savings Achieve a Smooth Home Buying Process


Amount of Debt Payment History Derogatory Credit Credit


Less Debt = Higher Credit Scores Target


Consistent – Documented – Taxed Employment Stability Debt Ratio = monthly debt payments/monthly gross income PITI – Principal + Interest + Taxes + Insurance Income


Down Payment Closing Costs Prepaids /Escrows About 4% of the Purchase Price Savings

Ways to Buy a Home with the Least Amount of Cash Possible:

Gift Expanded Loan Seller Paid Closing Costs Lender Helps Ways to Buy a Home with the Least Amount of Cash Possible


Less Debt, More Savings, More Loan Options that will open More doors to Buy More Home and Build More Wealth for you and your family Remember

The Home Buying Process:

Pre-Qualify or Pre-Approve Find a Buyer’s Agent Select a Home and Write Offer Contract Acceptance Update, Review, and Sign Application Verify Credit, Income, Employment Order Appraisal Loan Approval Close The Home Buying Process

Types of Lenders:

Brokers Direct Lender Types of Lenders

Best Mortgage Programs:

VA FHA Conventional USDA/Rural Development VHDA Best Mortgage Programs

Mortgage Interest Options:

Fixed Rate ARM Mortgage Interest Options

How to find the Perfect Home:

Geographical Preferences Special Requirements (“wants” vs. “needs”) Number of Bedrooms Number of Baths Garage Lot Size Old or New How long do you want to live in the home? Price Range How to find the Perfect Home

Types of Agents:

Buyer’s Agent Seller’s Agent Types of Agents

Multiple Listing Service:

What is it? Why is it Beneficial to you? Multiple Listing Service

Thank You!:

Todd Jenkins Direct – 434-987-6273 Email – Thank You!


Todd Jenkins Direct : 434-987-6273 Email : Questions?

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