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The limitless mainland of Africa is so rich and assorted in its way of life with it changing starting with one nation then onto the next as well as inside an individual country a broad range of societies can be found. A lot of Africa's social action focuses on the family and the ethnic gathering. Craftsmanship, music and oral writing serve to strengthen existing religious and social examples. For more info visit


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About - Bestway Tours & Safaris:

About - Bestway Tours & Safaris Bestway Tours & Safaris established in 1978 making it one of the most experienced national tour operators in Canada serving North American travelers from all over the world. It was an endeavor began by three siblings who while all being conceived and raised in Africa, had developmental years of advanced education in various nations of Asia and Europe. The experience we each had made us understand that there was impressive numbness of the distinctive societies, individuals and nations on the planet. We felt it was our main goal to amend this which prompted the introduction of Bestway Tours & Safaris. We set up together Journeys digging into various parts of a nation: the immense destinations, notable landmarks, common magnificence untamed life and, in particular, the nearby individuals.

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Why choose Bestway Tours & Safaris? Our voyages include diving into all parts of a nation: the colossal destinations, memorable landmarks, common excellence natural life and, in particular, the nearby individuals and encounters of their traditions direct. For more than 30 years Bestway Tours & Safaris has spearheaded and driven many visits, treks, safaris and campaigns everywhere throughout the world and our persistent developments have kept us at the forefront of fascinating travel.


OUR TOURS At Bestway Tours & Safaris, that expression is more than just our mantra. It symbolizes the breaking of political and customary limits and our endeavors to go past the normal boondocks. It speaks to our objective to continually advance. It means our yearning to furnish you with a level of administration that surpasses your level of desires.


TOUR GUIDES Our guides are familiar with English and we don't typically utilize an interpreter (unless there is a unique field or intrigue that must be secured). The majority of our guides hold government traveler guide permits (where required) and are educated and experienced.

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AMAZING NAMIBIA SOME AFRICAN TOURS & SAFARIS DESTINATIONS YOU SHOULD EXPERIENCE AT LEAST ONCE IN A LIFE TIME Get a remarkable insight into a dazzling diversity of life, both animal and human.

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MADAGASCAR: FROM EAST TO SOUTH Madagascar is famous for its great natural life and in addition of its people who while being so near to Africa have an intriguing Asian source.

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KENYA TANZANIA SAFARI WITH VICTORIA FALLS In East Africa we begin pursuing the Big Five and numerous different species in incredibly famous diversion stores of Masai Mara, Ngorongoro , Serengeti and Lake Manyara .

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EGYPT The world is for sure obliged to the general population of antiquated Egypt for accomplishing the longest living human advancement of the old world. Many of the Egyptians achievements in construction & lifestyle are still available to us. Over 5000 years later, a must see for people of all ages.

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PHOTO SAFARI TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA Craig is a standout amongst the most capable and compelling visual specialists we have joined forces with. His commitments to the Canadian photographic industry have enlivened numerous. Hosted by renowned photographer, Craig Minielly

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