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Be the Solution for E-waste : 

Be the Solution for E-waste CSCI 1041 Beryl Spring 2010

What’s E-Waste? : 

What’s E-Waste? The cell-phones, TVs, threw away E-waste=high-tech trash

Stop the Bad Cycle : 

Stop the Bad Cycle Q: Where does e-waste go? Often end up in developing countries (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, China, etc) Q2: How do they fix it? Burn or dump e-waste everywhere

Q3: Why trading e-waste ? : 

Q3: Why trading e-waste ? For $ 2. More profitable to ship e-waste abroad than processing at “home”

What’s at Stake? : 

What’s at Stake? Toxic : Environmental crisis (polluting water, soil, air) 2. long-term health problems (Defected babies, cancer…) No one wants to be the victim

Be the Solution! : 

Be the Solution! What you can do to help? Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce : 

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce 1.Recycle old computers, cell-phones to recycle stands 2. Call legislators Today a) to set e-waste Regulations b) take-back program 3. Reduce Don’t over consuming e-products 4. Reuse buy recycled e-products

Take Actions Now : 

Take Actions Now YES A simple action matters~ Let’s start from YOU! Save our next generation

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