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1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games: 

1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games Roots became the Official Outfitter of the Canadian Olympic Team Worked with the COA and athletes to design amazing uniforms. Sponsorship involved VIK and royalties on licensed merchandise. Success with the ‘Poorboy’ hat at the Nagano Winter Games – sold 500,000 hats Wayne Gretzky in ‘Poorboy’ Hat


Cover Page, every U.K. daily, most Canadian, some U.S. $5M in Advertising Value “First time the boys and their father have been seen smiling since the death of Diana.”


1998 Olympics: Key Learnings Canadian exposure is incredible 100% + increase in store traffic during games If designs are hot, retail sales are huge If athletes love the designs, greater exposure Roots becomes number one traded uniform among athletes and visitors in Nagano International exposure worth $$ Millions Athlete/celebrity endorsements are key

2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Games: 

2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Games Carolyn Brulet Flag Bearer, Opening Ceremonies Roots first summer Olympic uniforms


Wrestling Gold Medal Daniel Igali


2000 Olympics: Key Learnings Overseas games in different timezone are challenging. Success of Canadian team impacts sales. Roots’ first experience at Summer Games. Demonstrated to ourselves that Summer Olympics would work. Other teams really took notice, our phone started to ring.


2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games Official Outfitter to Team Canada, USA, & Great Britain


The “must-have” collectable for 2002 Olympics Celebrity Fans Too!


“We’ve got lineups of at least 3 hours, the stores are overrun, we need every able-bodied manager down here right now!” - Marshall Myles, CEO


2002 Olympics: Key Learnings North American Games have huge domestic & international viewership. Roots introduced to millions of Americans. Canadian retail sales very strong (medal count up). Keeping designs distinct served everyone well. Flexibility is Key! International exposure worth $$ Millions.

2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games: 

2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games Official Outfitter to Team Canada, USA, & Great Britain & Barbados


2004 Olympics: Key Learnings Overseas games in different timezone are challenging. Success of Canadian team impacts sales. Non-exclusivity dilutes impact. Summer Games continue to work well for retail sales.


Canadian Teams: 1998 - Nagano: 550 1998 - Para: 260 1999 - Pan Am: 800 2000 - Sydney: 600 2000 - Para: 360 2002 - Salt Lake: 350 2002 - Para: 150 2003 - Pan Am: 680 2004 - Athens: 600 2004 - Para: 300 Total: 4,650 Other National Teams: USOC - 2002 Salt Lake: 600 USOC - 2002 Para: 300 USOC - 2004 Athens: 1300 USOC - 2004 Para: 500 British - 2002 Salt Lake: 120 British - 2004 Athens: 700 Barbados - 2004 Athens: 50 Total: 3,570 Nearly 10,000 Athletes, Coaches, Trainers & Staff served by the Outfitter of the Olympic Games -- Roots


2010 Bid Committee Sponsorship


July 2, 2003 – We Win !


2010 Bid Sponsorship: Key Learnings Right thing to do in the Community. Active License from March to Sept 1, 2003. Over $1M Retail Sales. #1 Visitor item in our stores. Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria very active. Banff, Eastern Provinces, less active. Committed to become licensee when new 2010 Brand released in April. Jack Poole, Ross Rebagliati, Gordon Gampbell, Catriona Lemay Doan


2006 Torino & Beyond Marketing Rights for Canadian Olympic Team transferred from C.O.C. to VANOC November 2004, Bell first VANOC sponsor Other categories (Financial, Automotive, etc.) to be negotiated at VANOC’s discretion, most likely as’06 / ’08 / ’10 / ’12 packages Apparel Category unusual situation – VANOC needs 2006 Torino uniforms finalized ASAP. Torino Uniform RFP issued: Dec. 22, 2004, due: Jan. 19, 2005, awarded: Feb. 16, 2005, Delivery: Nov. 14, 2005


2006 Torino & Beyond Roots is committed to continuing as a major Team Canada sponsor for 2006 and beyond. Roots has contracted Altius Sport Marketing (Cossette) to negotiate with VANOC on our behalf. We will submit a proposal for the 2006 Torino uniform sponsorship. We will negotiate for the rights to additional Games when possible. Roots continues to be an Official Outfitter of the U.S.O.C. and the B.O.A.

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