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It’s a Family Affair: My life in Oregon: 

It’s a Family Affair: My life in Oregon Samantha Duncan LIBR 500 Foundations of Information Technology Dr. Mary Sue Stephenson samdodge@interchange.ubc.ca

This is a Show about my Life and the Things I Love: 

This is a Show about my Life and the Things I Love My Home My Family My Friends My Hobbies

Growing up on the Farm: 

Growing up on the Farm I was born and raised in Cottage Grove, Oregon We have a small sheep farm in the country 2 dogs: Carl and Emma 3 donkeys: Gracie, Hattie, and Julia 5 cats: Lottie, Pearl, the Black Kitties, and Stephanie 5 chickens, 4 geese, 20 (or so) sheep 1 horse: Lucy (or Belinda) 1 pig: Pig

My Mom: 

My Mom Ruthann Duncan Marriage & Family Therapist at the Center for Family Development in Eugene, Oregon Still lives on the farm (she used to have a fiber shop in Drain) Loves reading, nature, Italy, Carl Jung, and us (her daughters) She also loves the University of Oregon Ducks 

My Dad: 

My Dad Thomas (Tom) Duncan Family Practice Physician in Astoria, Oregon His wife, Sue is a Nurse Midwife They have a practice together Loves reading, walking his dogs, Willa and Nigel, computers, digital photography, amplifiers, anything electronic, and us (his daughters) Dad and Sue are both very involved in local politics and Grassroots organizations

My Oldest Sister: 

My Oldest Sister Jennifer Duncan Hackett Lawyer in a Firm in Washington, D.C. Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky LLP Her husband, Brian works for the General Accounting Office Jenny loves reading, writing, spending time with friends and family Brian loves his motorcycle and Jenny He also likes the Washington Huskies 

My Middle Sister: 

My Middle Sister Molly Duncan Fauth Family Practice Doctor in Klamath Falls, Oregon Her husband, Eric is an Accountant Molly loves hiking, camping, talking, giggling, and spending time with family Eric loves computers and Molly He also likes the Oregon State Beavers 

My Best Friend: 

My Best Friend Brooke Stulz Speech Therapist in St. Thomas, VI Also works as a Bartender Has been my best friend since she was born! Brooke loves adventures, laughing, her boyfriend Zack, and being warm I miss her a lot 

My Boyfriend: 

My Boyfriend Kevin List Mental Health Outreach Counselor at Laurel Hill Center in Eugene, Oregon Kevin loves Old School R&B, Snowboarding, his parents, and ME!! He also loves wrestling and lifting weights He also likes the Oregon Ducks 

A Few Things I Love to Do: 

A Few Things I Love to Do Work in my Garden Vegetables Flowers Weeds Snowboard I’m not very good yet Kevin has been a patient teacher!!

A Few (More) Things I Love to Do: 

A Few (More) Things I Love to Do Travel Places I’ve been: Italy, Southwestern U.S., New York City Places I’d like to go: Thailand, More of the U.S., Across Canada, South & Central America, Everywhere!! Photography I prefer Black & White Traditional Photography I have a darkroom at home, but it just got finished so I haven’t even used it yet!! I’d like to experiment with Color Slides and Digital Photography

The End: 

The End You have just seen some of the most important people & things in my life There are a lot more… I hope you enjoyed the show!!

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