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Unifying Nations: 1850-1871: 

Unifying Nations: 1850-1871 1848 Austria defeats allied Italian Revolutionary Forces 1848 Succession of Victor Emmanuel II in Piedmont-Sardinia 1850 Treaty of Olmütz recognizes Austrian dominance over German Territories and Principalities 1853-1856 Crimean War 1855 Accession of Alexander II of Russia 1859 Austria declares war against Piedmont-Sardinia, France sides with Piedmontese 1860 Piedmont-Sardinia annexes duchies in central Italy, France gains Nice and Savoy 1861 Accession of Wilhelm I of Prussia 1861 Emancipation of Russian Serfs 1861 Kingdom of Italy Proclaimed with Victor Emmanuel II as king 1861-1865 American Civil War 1863 Prussia and Austria at war with Denmark over Schleswig-Holstein 1866 Prussia defeats Austria in Seven Weeks’ War, Italy claims Venetia 1869-1870 First Vatican Council Convenes in Rome 1870 Italy annexes Rome 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War 1871 German Empire Proclaimed led by Kaiser Wilhelm I 1871 Paris Commune

German Unification: 

German Unification


Realpolitik Dictating European Affairs Existing after the Concert of Europe

War with Denmark 1864: 

War with Denmark 1864 Questions of Succession Austro-Prussian alliance War with Denmark

War with Austria 1866: 

War with Austria 1866 Fighting for supremacy in Central Europe Manufacturing War Seven Weeks’ War Dominant Prussia

Unification Complete? The North German Confederation: 

Unification Complete? The North German Confederation Natural Borders of a united Germany: Großdeutschland vs. Kleindeutschland Creating a liberal, modern state Protecting national pride

One Final Step: The Franco Prussian War 1870-1871: 

One Final Step: The Franco Prussian War 1870-1871 Napoleon III’s Burden of Honor Pretense for War Bismarck’s Boast Prussian Victory at Sedan Siege of Paris Prussia’s Free Hand

Conclusion: Crowning an Emperor: 

Conclusion: Crowning an Emperor Reluctant Princes The New German Empire The New Europe and New Warfare

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