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Joseph Haydn:

Joseph Haydn By: Peter Bersch & Michael Mackey


Life Haydn was born on March 31 st , 1732 in Rohrau, Austria He died on May 31 st , 1809 in Vienna, Austria He remains buried in Bergkirche, Eisenstadt, Austria

Life (continued):

Life (continued) Lived in the Classical time period Going to school in Hainburg Got recognized by a Music Director at a Vienna Cathedral and moved at eight to Vienna Spent most of his life living as a court musician and composer. Had a great sense of humor that showed in his work Lived in Esterhazy Palace in Fertod, Hungary for about 25 years.

Carlo Cecere:

Carlo Cecere Was a composer in the classical period Lived November 7 th , 1706 through February 15 th , 1761 Was an Italian Composer of many operas, concertos, and duets

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts His head was stolen: “The process of stealing the head was, apparently, not pleasant, since decomposition had set in and the smell was strong. However, Peter and Rosenbaum succeeded in cleaning the skull and duly carried out their phrenological examination. Peter declared that "the bump of music" in Haydn's skull was indeed "fully developed". [6] Afterward, Peter kept it in a handsome custom-made black wooden box, with a symbolic golden lyre at the top, glass windows, and a white cushion.” ( )

Interesting Facts (continued):

Interesting Facts (continued) He had a parrot that he kept in the studio with him Haydn cut off the hair of the girl in front of him when he was in the choir as a kid Haydn was friends with Mozart


Music One piece of music was the Symphony No.94-The Surprise-2nd Included: flutes, oboes, bassoons, horns, trumpets, and the string section consisted of violins, violas, cellos, and basses



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