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Domain Stalking Or, How to 0wn a company legally H2K2 - July 14th 2002, 6pm ish: 

Domain Stalking Or, How to 0wn a company legally H2K2 - July 14th 2002, 6pm ish

Domain stalking: 

Domain stalking What is it? Watching specific domains expiry dates and; Purchasing outright and doing good or, Paying for the domain for the company Buying domains from cyber squatters and giving them to proper owners Abandoned domains used for disinformation and thought provoking discussion


History?, .net Expires over Christmas 1999 Breaks Hotmail, MS panics Kind linux user notices lack of payment, ponies up $35 to cover the tab Next day, everything is peachy MS sends him a $500 cheque that he auctions off on Ebay for charity PDA alarm goes off, check - renewed On a whim, check, nearly choke on lunch Try to make payment, maxed out card  Call Rob Rosenberger @ Rob asks for donation, gets $1000 for Muscular Dystrophy Fun had by all parties

They sent the Thank you letter postage due!: 

They sent the Thank you letter postage due!

$0.11 postage due!: 

$0.11 postage due! Check domain, expires in 2 days, 1 day, Expired Waited 4 days for a late payment just in case Made payment, after upping card limit this time Emailed contact address in domain record letting them know what happened and a contact number Phone call 2 hours later from manager, VERY thankful. Offers product as a thank you. Hmmmm.. Ask for $35 to goto the red-cross, A letter for the wall, Jokingly ask for their most expensive firewall product.

They sent the damn thing!: 

They sent the damn thing! Jello’s H2K speech, lamenting the loss of his name online Started a watch and wait Call up record label when it finally came up for sale and had Uli, the ‘very’ general manager purchase it Uli doesn't check his messages, It’s been up for sale for over a month I purchased it to make sure it got to where it should be Made public spectacle of myself with Jello onstage Bought by and setup like the WTO site as a spoof, extolling the WTO’s true nature Control was given to The Yes Men Yes Men representatives mistakenly invited to trade conferences where they use the time for ‘useful’ presentations Successfully dissolved the WTO, even made it as far as the floor of the Canadian Parliament


How? - Whois lookup Keep schedule in PDA Pick appropriate targets and have a purpose No blackmail / extortion Guilt a donation to charity or just donate registration fee Disinformation?


Problems 10 year domains Edgy admins Network Solutions not playing fair WIPO

Targets of the future?: 

Targets of the future? Whoever is suing 2600 this week MPAA members RIAA members Metallica Human rights violators

Worthy recipients: 

Worthy recipients EFF Red Cross Disease research The latest 2600 lawsuit Jello Biafras Appeal (fill the shoe) Any worthy charity you support

Other ways?: 

Other ways? Old name domains – ie SSL and other security certificates ISS, Symantec, F-secure


Sources/References – Network associates – 01/18/01, 03/15/01 – Netsol stupidity – whois, net and org – 09/24/01 edition - *Need pics of me onstage with Jello*

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