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Experiment research of the next generation network: 

Experiment research of the next generation network Hiroshima Municipal Technical High School Yuji Araki

Hiroshima Municipal Technical High School: 

Hiroshima Municipal Technical High School

Information and Electronics course: 

Information and Electronics course

The current situation: 

The current situation Almost all connected Internet devices are computers

Our goal: 

Our goal Various kinds of devices are able to be connected to the Internet


Fukuyama High School Hiroshima Municipal Technical High School Remote Control using IPv6 :IPv6 tunnel Home appliance controller   (our product) Web browser is used IPv6 control IPv6 Network using FTTH 100 km

2003 video: 

2003 video


Problem in this experiment of 2003 Only one-way control

1. Bi-directional control in the experiment: 

1. Bi-directional control in the experiment Thermometer & hygrometer Lighting sensor Human sensor LonWorks Networks


IPv6 Network GUI microRAC LonWorks Networks

2. Sumo Robot Experiment: 

2. Sumo Robot Experiment IPv6 Network Joystick IR & RF


IPv6 Network LonWorks Networks Fukuyama High School Control screen For home appliances Browser screen for controlling camera MPEG4 CODEC MPEG4 CODEC MPEG4 CODEC The demonstration venue in Hiroshima city My school 100 km 5 km Demonstration Remote control Camera

2004 video: 

2004 video


Conclusion We tried to connect home appliances to the Internet in our research project so that more people can enjoy the Internet. Security problems We realized that we were able to get a bi-directional control by using IPv6.

Thanks to : 

Thanks to National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Hiroshima City University Hiroshima University Fukuyama high school Echelon Japan NTT Neomeit Chugoku

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