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Centralized Management Protocol for Ubiquitous Home Network Services 2006. 3. 22 Yongsik Shin SK Telecom, Korea Ho-In Jeon Kyungwon University, Korea ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25/WG1 N1208


Introduction to Ubiquitous Network Network configuration for Home Network services Introduction to HOMS Proposed Items To be Standardized HOMS-RG Interfacing Protocol (HRIP) HOMS-Application Server Interfacing Protocol (HAIP) HOMS-User Interfacing Protocol (HUIP) Optional Recommendations for Security Transport Layer Security Message Security Conclusions Contents


Ubiquitous network includes a converged platform, wired/wireless network, ubiquitous sensor network and terminals, and supports proactive and context-aware services UAP : USN Access Point IP Backbone/ All Optical Network Existing Copper xDSL ADSL: Upto 8Mbps,4~5Km range VDSL: Upto 54Mbps,400~500M ONU Fiber FTTH Extremely High Speed Rate of STM1 to STM4 Authentication Billing Roaming NMS DSLAM Satellite DAB / DVB 20-155Mbps/3,40 GHz band Fixed User/Metropolitan Area Satellite/HAPS DTV/DAB ITS Broadcasting WiBro Mobile Over 2-10Mbps/2-10 GHz Band Vehicular Environments/Medium Area Beyond 3G CDMA2000 WCDMA roaming Gateway Ubiquitous Platform roaming USN (ubiquitous sensor network) others others Commerce Media Finance Solution WLAN (BWA) M S R UAP UAP UAP UAP UAP HFC Ubiquitous Network


Ubiquitous home network provides any-X(anytime, anywhere, anyservice, anydevice, etc.) type of services. In other words, home network services are “Bridges to Ubiquitous Service” Car Enterprise Resort Airport Shopping SOHO Office Fixed Domain (Physical Home) Ubiquitous Home Network Service = Physical Home + Home-like Behavior Outside the Door Home Automation is a subset of ubiquitous home network Mobile Domain (Extended Home) Security Infortainmerce Care Telemetry Automation Telematics Infortainmerce = information + entertainment + commerce Ubiquitous Home Network


User Access Transport/Server Home Access In-house network Network Configuration for Home Network CDMA 2000 1X 1x EV-DO W-CDMA AP Broadband Convergence Network WLAN Communication VOD, A/V ISP CATV Company Digital appliance Devices Broadcasting Transport Network In-house network Application Servers HFC Ethernet PLC WLAN 802.15.4 (ZigBee) ……. Broadcasting satellite DMB Care, Education, Infortainmerce, etc. Telematics FTTH Home Network Management Server WiBro Wireless Wireline xDSL Residential G/W Wireline CATV Wireless User can access home network services through wired or wireless access network Wireless network(eg, Cellular, WMAN) and Broadcasting(eg, satellite DMB) can be a home access network. RG(Residential Gateway) has WAN(such as FTTH, HFC, xDSL) and in-house network(Ethernet, PLC, WLAN, ZigBee, etc.) interface Home network consists of user access, transport network, home access and In-house network.


It provides interfacing protocols for easy management and control of home appliances and equipments outside houses. It provides users with ubiquitous access environment. It allows service providers to manage overall RG’s and deployed services in an integrated and convenient way. It does not specify the connectivity mechanisms or protocols for the home appliances inside the house, but it recommends to use the concept of brouters in order for outside users to control home network devices. Features and Scope of the Proposal


RG User App Client (Mobile Phone, PC, PDA) (Agent) DB User Mgt. Module (Manager) HOMS - RG Module (Manager) HOMS - AS Module (Manager) Device 1 Device 2 Device n Agent Pet Device Health Device Application Service Servers (Agent) HOMS (Home Network Management Server) HOMS Architecture and Proposed Items to be Standardized HAIP HRIP Home Gateway 1 RG Device 1 Device 2 Device n Agent Pet Device Health Device Home Gateway N HRIP : HOMS – RG Interfacing Protocol HAIP : HOMS – AS(Application Server) Interfacing Protocol HUIP : HOMS – User Interfacing Protocol HOMS consists of 3 management modules (User Management, Application Server Management, and RG management). Proposed items to be standardized include HRIP, HAIP and HUIP HUIP


HRIP(HOMS – RG Interfacing Protocol) HAIP(HOMS – App. server Interfacing Protocol) HUIP(HOMS – User Interfacing Protocol) Proposed Items to be Standardized


Item #I for Standardization : HRIP Integrated management of multi-vendor residential gateways over standardized interface. Remote installation and upgrade of RG software and application services in an integrated manner. Real-time monitoring of RG’s and their services provisioning status Real-time remote control of multi-vendor residential gateways Specifically, HRIP must be independent of various physical interface and control protocol that are connected to the RG. Appliances/Devices HOMS RG HRIP PLC(Lonworks/LnCP/HnCP) Ethernet, WLAN, ZigBee, etc. IEEE1394, others Requirements of HRIP


Objectives of HRIP Specifications of interfacing protocols for RG and home appliance control and query in a remote location. RG and Home Appliance Manager(HRIP Manager) - RG Registration, RG Eventing, Notification of Home Appliances Connection Status, - Notification of Home NW Service Event, Query of Home Appliance Driver URL RG and Home Appliance Managing Agent(HRIP Agent) - RG Registration query, RG Access Requirement, Query of Home Appliance Lists, Device Control, - Query of Device Status, and Subscription/Termination of Event Notifications. Web HRIP Manager HOMS User Manager Module Manager Client User Client Web WAP HRIP Agent SOAP based WSDL HRIP RG Type Independent ! Service Applications Residential Gateway A Residential Gateway B ※ WSDL: Web Service Description Language UPnP HnCP Devices Devices Brouter HRIP Agent Service Applications LonWorks Echonet Brouter


HRIP Manager RG Registration (registerRg), RG Event Notifications (notifyRgEvent) Home Appliance Connection Status Eventing (notifyConnStatus) Home Appliance Service Eventing (notifyServiceEvent) Query of Home Appliance Driver URL (getDDURL) HRIP Agent HRIP Agent HOMS RG A RG Type Independent ! RG B Functions Implemented Functions calls HRIP UPnP HnCP Devices Devices LonWorks Echonet Functions calls


HRIP Agent for Provision of RG Information and Operations HRIP Agent – Provision of RG Information - Provision of RG System Information(getRgSysInfo ) - Provision of RG Resource Information(getRgCpu, Mem, Disk Resource) - Provision of Port Mapping Information (getPortMappingInfo) - Provision of RG Service Information(getRgSvcInfo) HRIP Agent - RG Operations - Request of Port Mapping Information (add, delete, updatePortMapping) - Request of Service Operation (install, start, stop, uninstallRgSvc) - Request of Framework Upgrade (ugradeFramework) - Request of Firmware Update (upgradFirmware) - Request of RG Restart (restartRg) HRIP Agent HRIP Agent HOMS RG Type Independent ! HRIP S-Cube LonWorks Device UPnP Z256 LnCP Devices Devices RG A RG B Functions Implemented Functions Implemented Functions calls


HRIP Agent for Device Management and Control HRIP Agent: Device Management and Control Search of Device List ( getDeviceList ) Device Control (controlDevice) Query of Device State (getDeviceState) Subscription/Termination of Device Events(subscribeEvent) HRIP Agent HRIP Agent HOMS RG Type Independent ! HRIP S-Cube LonWorks Device UPnP Z256 LnCP Devices Devices RG A RG B Functions Implemented Functions Implemented Functions calls


HRIP Case Example (1) HRIP Manager Boot Strap S/W HRIP Agent 3. HRIP Agent Download, Install, and Start 4. RGW Information Request/Reply GW Profile 1. RG Registration Request (GWID, GWIP) HOMS Residential Gateway 5. Registration Service and System S/W Confirmation 2. Send HRIP Agent URL Residential Gateway Registration


HRIP Agent 1. Query of Device List 6. Device Control controlDevice() Device 8. Control Command Device Control Driver Web WAP User Client 2. Search of Device List getDeviceList() 3. Query of Device State 4. Query of Device State getDeviceState() 5. Device Control 7. Device Control Device Control HOMS HRIP Case Example (2) Residential Gateway


HRIP Agent 1. Subscription of Device Eventing Device 3. Eventing Device Control Driver Web WAP User Client 2. Subscription of Device Eventing subscribeEvent() 5. Eventing of Device Services notifyServiceEvent() 6. Event Notifications 4. Event Notifications Notification of Device Event HOMS HRIP Case Example (3) Residential gateway


HAIP Agent Item #2 for Standardization : HAIP Objective: Specification of Interfacing Protocol that can manage Digital Home Application Services (e.g. Healthcare, VOD, etc.) RG and Device Manager HOMS User/Manager Module SOAP based WSDL HAIP Home Application Service Server 1 Residential gateway B ※ WSDL: Web Service Description Language HRIP Agent HRIP Agent Home Application Server Access Manager(HAIP Manager): Home Application Service Management (Registration/Update/Delete), Home Application Service User Authentication, Home Application Service User Information Manager Home Application Service Access Agent(HAIP Agent): Home Application Service State Query, Accounting (Statistical) Information Query HAIP Manager HAIP Agent Residential Gateway A Home Application Service Server 2


HAIP Manager HOMS Function Calls HAIP Home Application Service Manager(HAIP Manager) Home Application Service Management: Registration (registerAsService ), Update (updateAsSvc), Removal (removeAsSvc) Home Application Service User Authentication (authUser) Home Application Service User Information Management (getUserInfo) HAIP Agent HAIP Agent Home Application Service Server 1 Home Application Service Server 1 Function Calls Functions Implemented


HAIP Agent HOMS HAIP Home Application Server Agent(HAIP Agent) Query to Home Application Service State (getAsSvcLog) Query to Home Application Service Accounting Information (getChargeData) HAIP Agent Home Application Service Server 1 HAIP Agent Home Application Service Server 2


HAIP Agent Request for Application Service Registration registerAsService( ) Web WAP User Client Request for Service Usage HOMS App. Server (ex, VOD) HAIP Agent App. Server (ex, Healthcare) Request for User Authentication authUser( ) Services Provided Application Service Registration, User Authentication, and Accounting Data Request HAIP Case Example Remote Application Server


Item #3 for Standardization : HUIP Objective: Specification for Interfacing Protocol that can manage/control home appliances connected to RG using wires/wireless terminals. Residential gateway A Residential gateway B HRIP Agent Brouter HRIP Agent Brouter Manager(HUIP Manager) for Access to Users (Terminal) Search for Device List, Device Control, Query to Device State, and Device Event Subscription/termination Agent(HUIP Agent) for Access to Users (Terminal) Provisioning of Terminal Information HRIP Manager HOMS HUIP Manager (WEB, WAP) User Terminal HUIP Agent SOAP based WSDL HUIP HTTP/WAP (HTML, WML) ※ WML: Wireless Markup Language, XML based markup language WAP: Wireless Application Protocol


User Terminal HUIP Agent HUIP Manager for User(Terminal) Connectivity User Access Authentication (authUser) Device List Query by User (getDeviceListByUser ) Device Control by User (controlDeviceByUser) Device State Query by User (getDeviceStateByUser) Device Event Subscription/Termination by User (subscribeEventByUser) HRIP Agent HRIP Agent RG A RG B Function Calls HUIP Manager HUIP HOMS Functions Implemented


HUIP Agent is an agent that allows user (terminal) access Provision of User Terminal Information (getUserTerminalInfo) HUIP Agent User Terminal HUIP Agent HRIP Agent HRIP Agent RG A RG B Function Calls HUIP HOMS Functions Implemented


HRIP Agent 1. Device List Search getDeviceListByUser() 6. Device Ciontrol controlDevice() Device 8. Control Command Device Driver Web WAP User Client 2. Device List Search getDeviceList() 3. Query to Device State getDeviceStateByUser() 4. Query to Device State getDeviceState() 5. User-to-Device Control controlDeviceByUser() 7. Device Control User-to-Device Control HOMS Residential gateway HUIP Agent HUIP Case Example


Optional Recommendations : Security for Proposed Protocols Secure Communication by Transport Layer SSL(Secure Socket Layer) TLS(Transport Layer Security) Secure Communication by Message Level Ex) DSP(Digital Home Security Protocol) ※ DSP is a Korean cryptographic system. Recommended Security: Secure Communications in the Transport Layer Security Suite or by the Message Encryption SOAP SOAP Message Message SOAP SOAP Message Message


Home Network Services are expected to be the Killer Applications of many IT Infrastructures and it will be a bridge to ubiquitous services. HNW is not active yet, because of Interoperability Issues, Centralized Management and Control Issues that can support ubiquitous access. The Standard on centralized management protocol will be serving as the initial solutions for opening the big market of Home Networking Systems. The proposed protocols to be standardized include Interfaces between HOMS and RG(HRIP) Interfaces between HOMS and ASP Servers(HAIP) Interfaces between HOMS and USER(HUIP) Some recommendations on secure communication has been addressed. We propose HRIP, HAIP and HUIP as three NWIP’s if the proposals fall into the SC 25/ WG 1 Conclusions

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