Building Solutions for the Next Platform Wave

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Building Solutions for the Next Platform Wave: 

Building Solutions for the Next Platform Wave Adam Gallant Developer Solutions Technology Specialist Microsoft Canada



What is the .NET Framework 3.5?: 

What is the .NET Framework 3.5? .NET Framework 2.0 + SP1 Windows Presentation Foundation Windows Communication Foundation Windows Workflow Foundation Windows CardSpace .NET Framework 3.0 + SP1 .NET Framework 3.5 LINQ ASP.NET 3.5 CLR Add-in Framework Additional Enhancements

Windows Server 2008: 

Windows Server 2008 Next major release of Windows Server scheduled for release in Q1 2008 What’s included with Windows Server 2008?

Microsoft Windows Server 2008: 

Core Integrated Hypervisor The Fundamentals App Platform Management .NET 3.0 IIS 7 Monitoring WS-Management Transactions Recovery Networking Storage Server Roles Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Windows Server Core : 

Windows Server Core Server Roles Server Core Security, TCP/IP, File Systems, RPC, plus other Core Server Sub-Systems DNS DHCP File AD Shell, CLR, IE, Media, OE, etc. Minimal installation option Command line interface Low surface area Limitations: No support for managed code Minimal support for server roles Impacts of no GUI

Application Server Role: 

Application Server Role

Application Server Role: 

Application Server Role

Application Server Role: 

Application Server Role

Application Server Role: 

Application Server Role Compared to Windows Server 2003 2k8 is better because…. Windows Activation Service (WAS) Manages app pool configuration and worker processes (instead of WWW service managing them) Enables use of same configuration and process model for HTTP and non-HTTP sites IIS 7.0 Designed for modularity Provides an extensibility architecture for hosting content New administration APIs and Management application

Web Server Role (IIS 7.0): 

Web Server Role (IIS 7.0) More than a Web server, Internet Information Services 7.0 provides an accessible, extensible platform for developing and reliably hosting Web applications and services. IIS 7.0 Enhancements Fast Diagnostics

Web Server Role (IIS 7.0): 

Modular Pipeline Features are provided in discrete modules Remove or replace modules as you see fit Reduce security exposure Reduce memory footprint Increase performance Add Custom Modules in native or manage code Leverage the power of .NET for all content Integrate with specialized infrastructure Easily incorporate new technologies Modular UI Add custom pages to UI (Winforms) Integrate Application configuration with IIS Web Server Role (IIS 7.0)


Send Response Log Compress NTLM Basic Determine Handler CGI Static File Authentication Anon Monolithic implementation Install all or nothing… Extend server functionality only through ISAPI… ASP.NET PHP ISAPI … …


UpdateCache SendResponse Send Response Log Compress NTLM Basic Determine Handler CGI Static File ISAPI Authentication Anon Authentication Authorization ResolveCache ExecuteHandler … … Server functionality is split into ~ 40 modules... Modules plug into a generic request pipeline… Modules extend server functionality through a public module API. … …

Web Server Role (IIS 7.0): 

More info: Web Server Role (IIS 7.0)

Transactional Platform: 

Transactional Platform Transactional NTFS (TxF) Transactional Registry (TxR) Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM) Makes transactions available as kernel objects Provides transaction management services to system components such as TxF

Recovery & Restart: 

Recovery & Restart Windows Error Reporting Enables users to notify Microsoft of application faults, kernel faults, and unresponsive applications Developers can use the new API to create reports for many types of events Application Recovery & Restart Give applications the opportunity to control what actions are taken on their behalf by the system when the application fails If App registered, the system can automatically restart the app. Restart Manager Can eliminate or reduce the number of system restarts that are required to complete an installation or update. Enables all but the critical system services to be shut down and restarted

Service Hardening: 

Service Hardening Reduce size of high risk layers Segment the services Increase # of layers Service 1 Service 2 Service 3 Service … Service … Service A Service B


Windows Server 2008 Services Account Services Account Windows Server 2003 LocalSystem Wireless Configuration System Event Notification Network Connections (netman) COM+ Event System NLA Rasauto Shell Hardware Detection Themes Telephony Windows Audio Error Reporting Workstation ICS RemoteAccess DHCP Client W32time Rasman browser 6to4 Help and support Task scheduler TrkWks Cryptographic Services Removable Storage WMI Perf Adapter Automatic updates WMI App Management Secondary Logon BITS LocalSystem Firewall Restricted WMI Perf Adapter Automatic updates Secondary Logon App Management Wireless Configuration LocalSystem BITS Themes Rasman TrkWks Error Reporting 6to4 Task scheduler RemoteAccess Rasauto WMI Network Service Fully Restricted DNS Client ICS DHCP Client browser Server W32time Network Service Network Restricted Cryptographic Services Telephony PolicyAgent Nlasvc Network Service DNS Client Local Service No Network Access System Event Notification Network Connections Shell Hardware Detection COM+ Event System Local Service SSDP WebClient TCP/IP NetBIOS helper Remote registry Local Service Fully Restricted Windows Audio TCP/IP NetBIOS helper WebClient SSDP Event Log Workstation Remote registry

But wait, there’s more…: 

But wait, there’s more…

Windows Presentation Foundation: 

Windows Presentation Foundation Unified framework for building next gen user experiences with UI, media and documents

Windows Presentation Foundation: 

Windows Presentation Foundation XAML eXtensible Application Markup Language

Windows Presentation Foundation: 

Windows Presentation Foundation With XAML designers & developers can streamline their collaboration

Windows Communication Foundation: 

Interop with other platforms ASMX WSE WS-* protocols Location transparency Remoting Unified framework supersets existing technologies Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Communication Foundation: 

Standards-based interoperability with WS-* Web services Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Workflow Foundation: 

Programming model, engine and tools for building workflow-enabled applications Windows Workflow Foundation

What Is A Workflow?: 

What Is A Workflow? A Set Of Activities That Coordinates People And / Or Software... Like a flowchart…. Or a state diagram….

Windows Workflow Foundation: 

Windows Workflow Foundation

Windows CardSpace: 

Windows CardSpace Technology that simplifies and improves the safety of online login and authentication

Windows CardSpace: 

Windows CardSpace Private desktop Separate user context Protects against hacking Self-issued cards Non-corroborated Stored locally Managed cards Corroborated Stored at STS

Windows CardSpace: 

WS-* Web Services Windows CardSpace

Language INtegrated Query (LINQ): 

Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) New programming model for data access that integrates query support directly within the .NET languages

LINQ Architecture & Components: 

LINQ Architecture & Components Objects <book> <title/> <author/> <year/> <price/> </book> XML .NET Language Integrated Query C# 3.0 VB 9.0 Others… Relational LINQ to Objects LINQ to SQL LINQ to XML LINQ to DataSets

Guidance for LINQ to Relational Data : 

Guidance for LINQ to Relational Data LINQ to SQL Emphasis on rapid application development Direct mapping to Microsoft SQL Server family of databases Available in Orcas LINQ to Entities Focus on enterprise-grade data scenarios Flexible mapping to relational data Access to Microsoft SQL Server family and other databases through ADO.NET provider model

LINQ to SQL Architecture: 

LINQ to SQL Architecture Enumerate SQL Query or SProc Rows Objects SubmitChanges() DML or SProcs



ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit: 

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

Visual Studio 2008 AJAX Support: 

Visual Studio 2008 AJAX Support

IIS 7.0: 

IIS 7.0

ASP.NET on IIS 6.0: 

ASP.NET on IIS 6.0

ASP.NET on IIS 7.0: 

ASP.NET on IIS 7.0

Built-in Web Farm Support: 

Built-in Web Farm Support Stateless Front End Servers Shared Configuration, App Code, Content Web Farm

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