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Building Space Capacity in South Africa: 

Building Space Capacity in South Africa Pontsho Maruping DST, South Africa


Presentation Outline Progress in the Development of the National Space Agency of South Africa Space Agency Programmes and Functions Earth Observation Capacity Partnerships: Earth Observation (GEO, CEOS) South Africa Agenda for CEOS in 2008

Space Agency Update: 

Space Agency Update Cabinet approval 2006 Business case submitted Draft bill to be presented to cabinet in November

Programmes and Functions: 

Programmes and Functions

Earth observation: 

Earth observation Key objective Develop and operationalise the use of Space Based EO for the benefit of South Africans Expected Results: Delivery, directly or in partnership, of Space Based EO data, products and services in response to operational and scientific user requirements in the field of Environment and Resource Management and Safety and Security. Sumbandilasat


The Earth is a complex system of systems

South African Earth Observation Strategy (SAEOS): 

South African Earth Observation Strategy (SAEOS) Other Databases GEOSS INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION Users Decision Makers, Operational centers, On fields operators, scientists, experts B2C B2B B2B Portal Application layer SAEOS Phase 1 SAEOS Phase 2 B2B Land Cover Thematic services B2B Climate Thematic services Earth Observation Data Centre

Space awareness: 

Space awareness Key objective: Further public understanding and engagement with regards to space-related issues, ultimately leading to improving the scientific literacy of South Africans. Expected Results: Increase public awareness of South Africa's activities in space and space benefits positively affecting the quality of life of South Africans.  Programs: Space science centre (SAASTA) Support public awareness programs (WSW) Develop and support student and learner programs

Earth observation capacity: building blocks: 

Earth observation capacity: building blocks Integration of existing national or regional activities at global level Cross-cutting research activities New earth observation systems Earth observation capacity building Every application of Earth observation builds on scientific results that require process understanding Connecting disciplines and addressing complex issues Need to develop models in order to provide forecasting capabilities Develop new observation and measurement techniques Data handling, processing and visualization Link observations across societal benefit areas Identify gaps in observations research and development Provision of long time series of observation Provide in-situ data for validation, harmonized formats et Bridge gaps between science and application etc

The Group on Earth Observation (GEO): 

The intergovernmental GEO is leading a worldwide effort to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) over the next 8 years. GEOSS: achieve comprehensive, coordinated, and sustained observations of the Earth system in order to improve monitoring of the changing state of the planet, increase understanding of complex Earth processes, and enhance the prediction of the impacts of environmental change Next plenary and ministerial summit in Cape Town The Group on Earth Observation (GEO)




The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites mechanism charged with coordinating international civil space borne missions designed to observe and study planet Earth The primary objectives of CEOS are: to optimize benefits of space borne Earth observations through cooperation of its participants in mission planning and in development of compatible data products, formats, services, applications, and policies; to serve as a focal point for international coordination of space-related Earth observation activities; to exchange policy and technical information; to encourage complementarity and compatibility of observation and data exchange systems.


The South African CEOS associate is the CSIR Satellite Applications Centre who will be the 2008 CEOS chair Earth observation capacity: Data access and distribution Regional institutional network South Africa: CEOS Chair 2008



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