Cloud Computing in 5 minutes


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A short analysis on what cloud computing is, where it came from and what its advantages and disadvantages are.


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Cloud Computing in 5 minutes:

Cloud Computing in 5 minutes by Bendude Sk8

What is the cloud?:

What is the cloud? ? You/the user Storage Software Other computers Central Server

History of the Cloud:

History of the Cloud First thought up in the 60s by J.C.R. Licklider or John McCarthy, it is undecided It has been slow to catch on in the public due to slow internet up until recent years, 1999, applications Amazon pushed with Web Services, 2002. Storage and computation. Web 2.0 in 2009 brought in application services such as Google Apps.


Advantages Ability to access files from anywhere Only one piece of software needed for an entire company Less storage space taken up in a company Faster processing power


Disadvantages A cloud company exists on its reputation Who actually owns the data in cloud storage? IT jobs in possible danger

Round Up:

Round Up Cloud computing is a network of computers working together to increase speed and space Cloud computing’s been around for a long time Its advantages generally outweigh its disadvantages


References My lecturer Rob O’Connor

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