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Cornerstone Family Dentistry 1470 SW Knoll Avenue Suite 103 Bend, Oregon 97702 (541) 389-2885 Cornerstone Family Dentistry is a private dental practice located in Bend, Oregon and founded by Yoli Di Giulio D.M.D. Her practice concentrates on general and cosmetic dentistry, and she created this bend dental office with passion and the vision of creating a dental practice that treats every patient individually and with comprehensive first-rate care.


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Catering To Your Family Dental Health With A Bend Family Dentist Dental health and wellness is always a matter of continued study and concern. You can never have enough of it. There are situations like life when you wished for a caring good dentist because of the continuous tooth disturbances that that cripple your life. If you face such unprecedented hassles there are great dentistry clinics offering an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry and dentistry services. A Bend Dentist also include includes Invisalign and periodontal dentistry in the gamut of specialty care. Most clinics have off-street parking facilities and accept most insurance. You can thus bring your family and near ones. Your family dentist Encompassing both family and general dentistry in the ambit of preventive practices a Bend Family Dentist shows up at specialty clinics and adhere to the national association of dentists’ guidelines pertaining to detailed examination checkups and cleaning. They provide superb florid treatments to coat your teeth’s surface and prevent any tooth decay in the future. There is no context of hyperbolizing the significance of finding your perfect family dentist buy you need to know that it’s an important part of your life. Your family dentist specializes in a wide variety of services that includes compound procedures like clear braces and bonding. Ascertaining your convenience The most pivotal aspect of a Bend Family Dentist is to work in accordance with the patient’s convenience. There is a time factor which is most crucial. The services include a broader spectrum of procedures and treatments good faith solid trust and convenience factor that keeps developing and sustaining itself through long-term care. The concerned dentists and staff are supportive and amiable. Offering quality dental care at reasonable rates the Bend clinics provide some of the best dentists in family dentistry. The experienced doctors take care of the oral health and hygiene of your family. From your kids extracting or fixing their first tooth to the elders they do it all. The ingrained services The services of a Bend Dentist cover cavity filling and climatic tooth decay keeping healthier gums and curbing plaque accumulation. When your cherub is facing problems with the wisdom teeth these dentists are ready to help and diagnose the problem. They provide excellent sedation dentistry with the best time-tested treatments and tools. The dentists put the right dentures cosmetic treatments and dental implants for creating a great and wholesome dental experience. In addition to being your one-stop dental care destination the clinics also offer emergency 24/7.

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The emergency service One of the most outstanding aspects of a family dentist in Bend is the emergency service. The clinics entail experienced and expert dentists who are seasoned in varied segments of dentistry. They can handle different types of dental emergencies on a routine basis. The clinics are regularly updated with the latest equipment and cutting edge tools. The treatment gamut includes broken braces wires broken crown lost filling broken tooth or broken jaw that causes tooth break and tooth-ache. When you lose the fillings or your braces break things can take a sorry turn. There’s immense pain and the emergency dentists can cure the pain real soon.

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Get Your Dental Health Back In Order With Bend Implant Dentist The gamut of dentistry is quite vast and varied with different specialty corners. You need to bear in mind that it’s not always about aggrandizing or modifying your facial appearance self-confidence and personality with restoration techniques orthodontic method or fillings but it’s what and how you decide to go forward with your treatment at the right time. The job of a dentist is just cut out here. It’s not just about making the diagnosis or treating the problem in all cases. A signification aspect of the job is to make patients aware of dental hygiene and its ingrained vitality in your wellness. A Bend Implant Dentist provides comprehensive dental care with quality doctor to patient rapport and preventive maintenance service. The implants underline on the most effective and long-lasting methods to bring that beautiful smile on your face. The primary aspects It’s certainly difficult to handle a situation when you suddenly face an excruciating toothache or lost tooth. A Bend Implant Dentist tells you what to do in such unprecedented cases. Dental implants are a time-tested method that forms a great alternative to dentures to bridges for replacing lost teeth. Obtained from titanium the dentist places this implant surgically in the jaw bone. The functional pitch The expert experienced dentists incorporate cutting edge tools and torches to detect and evaluate the exact spot of bother without creating any pain or associated worries. It is then that the implant can function as the missing tooths root. The concerned dentists implement local anesthesia if needed. More often than not you will face minimum pain or discomfort post operation. The concerned dentists discuss appropriate tools and their applied methodology in this therapy. You need to remember that you visiting your dentist on a routine basis is imperative to ensure strength and continuity of the implants. The ingrained efficiency A Bend Implant Dentist assesses several medical factors before placing the implants. There are certain health conditions like diabetes and smoking that should be heeded to. The dentists don’t rule out diagnosis based on these conditions but take them into account in order to ensure optimum success of the therapy. Making these prior considerations is important as the concerned dentists never compromise the result and quality of treatment. They explain how and why you need to follow proper oral hygiene before the concerned therapy. You must maintain oral health to ensure long-term health of the implants. They are similar to natural teeth. If you have poor oral hygiene they are bound to encourage development of plaque.

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Selecting the right candidate More than the surgical procedure of implants a Bend Implant Dentist focuses on the selection of the proper candidate for the treatment. That’s the foremost part of this therapy. Examining and deciding on the right candidate is very crucial. The concerned oral health department states that an ideal candidate must have general and good oral health to support and validate the implants. You also need to have adequate bone in the jaw. This is essential for anchoring and feasibly nurturing the implants in the region. The dentists explain to you all the factors that determine your suitability of this therapy.

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Can Bend Cosmetic Dentist Help Improve Your Teeth and Smile A smile is an indispensible part of you. An endearing nice smile can please anyone around you. With misshapen or damaged teeth your self-esteem and personality can suffer a lot. Cosmetic dentistry implies magical tough for restoring your smile and subsequent self- confidence. This will make you win hearts at office and society. A Bend Cosmetic Dentist helps in improving your appearance and boosting confidence. They have an array of procedures and treatment options that can provide the smile that you crave. Besides good oral hygiene and health come as an additional affirmative in this regard. Envisaging cosmetic dentistry The exponential rise in the popularity of cosmetic dentistry in modern times can be pertinently attributed to the simple fact that it has helped countless people around the world to redefine or enhance their teeth’s countenance and eventually restore a healthy smile. A Bend Cosmetic Dentist functions in clinics with a wide spectrum of techniques and tools for bolstering numerous procedures. They elucidate the understanding the benefits and risks of such a surgery alongside the aftermath of the treatment. The trained dentists concentrate on the emotional and psychological benefits in this juncture. About the services Through cosmetic surgery a Bend Cosmetic Dentist can not only fix discolored and missing teeth but they can also perform a host of treatments to enhance your teeth’s physical health. With the latest procedures and tools the dentists focus on the overall aesthetic improvement of the teeth. It also includes aspects like size alignment position color and shape. The procedures include crowns fillings inlays veneers onlays and teeth-whitening. Staying equipped and updated with the latest amenities and tools help in getting the best service. You can also find different aspects of family dentistry here which focus on your oral hygiene. Enhancing your smile Of all the marvels of cosmetic dentistry smile makeover occupies a special place. That’s one of the most celebrated services of a cosmetic dentist in Bend. They have a plethora of options to transform a boring smile. They combine facial feature lip lines and gum symmetries to design that coveted smile. It eventually improves the features with great functionality and phonetics. This form of dentistry is an aesthetic art blended with science. This procedure might entail crowns and veneers. It covers tooth color alignment spacing missing teeth uneven chipped or cracked teeth and tooth proportions and length.

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The cosmetic route There are different forms of in-home cosmetic dental treatments like zoom-in bleaching deep bleaching. The latter is the most effective and longest one. The patented technology helps in delivering amazing results. For those preferring to do it at their own convenience the Bend Cosmetic Dentist create vivid customized bleaching containers or trays for you for whitening at home. You just need to pour the concerned gel into the customized mouth trays. The zoom-in method is one of the quickest and safest ones and constitutes extreme makeover. The dental veneer method is very feasible too. If you want to improve your smile’s symmetry or wish to have straighter and whiter teeth this is it. You have natural looking customized veneers made from porcelain that close undesirable gaps lengthening worn teeth whiten teeth improve and rejuvenate your smile.

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Can Bend Teeth Whitening Procedure Get You Whiter teeth With regard to Bend Teeth Whitening you can find different techniques and products available for numerous patients wanting to attain a brighter smile. There are numerous options available here and it can get really difficult to pick the correct method for you. You need to know that the best way to start your teeth-whitening program or regimen is to entail a scheduled appointment with your dentist. You need to consult a professional dentist to know about the differences between at-home and whitening and professional in-office whitening. The two methods are effective in their own right as they entail different procedures and result dynamics. At-home teeth whitening For at-home Bend Teeth Whitening tray whitening or bleaching is a major professional mode that incorporates custom-made whitening gel and trays which are given by your dentist. The whitening gel is put in those custom-made trays. They fit perfectly on your teeth. You’ll find that with the breakdown of peroxide gel inside it releases hydroxuradicals that help in whitening stained teeth. Contrary to strips this procedure polishes all the natural teeth. Most of them contain ingredients that are designed to give optimal comfort. The process of professional tray whitening at home generally takes 1-14 day’s time. However you may start noticing results within 3-5 days. Paint-on teeth method Constituting one of the most conspicuous over-the-counter Bend Teeth Whitening options the paint-on teeth options is a readily accessible product. You can purchase this product over the counter and they are mostly less effective and less expensive as compared to the professional options or whitening strips. These teeth whiteners comprise a gel that’s applied to your tooth. You use a small brush to do this. This gel hardens and metamorphoses into a film those envelopes the teeth before getting dissolved in the mouth. Like every other teeth-whitening method it’s prudent to consult your dentist first before using it. The whitening stripes These are flexible thin strips with a narrow hydrogen peroxide film on one side. You have teeth-whitening strip packets or kits that entail two strips one for the upper teeth and the other for the lower teeth. The concerned glistening agent is put by applying the strips over your teeth and softly pressing them to ensure full contact with your teeth. You wear these strips for 30 minutes every day twice. You need to remember that the duration of this treatment varies from one patient to another. Another least expensive option is mouthwashes and whitening toothpastes. These products are designed and developed to entail whitening qualities that function to eradicate surface stains. They incorporate mild abrasives to do so. However you need to know that they don’t lighten your tooth’s original color shade.

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The in-office method There are dedicated Bend Teeth Whitening clinics that have specialty features. In-office treatment is actually the first professional method available. During your appointment the concerned dental expert applies a whitening gel to your teeth’s surface. The full process generally takes about one and a half hours to complete. You can see the results immediately. The dentists recommend doing preventive maintenance so as to curb any hiccups in your dental state.

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