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Cornerstone Family Dentistry 1470 SW Knoll Avenue Suite 103, Bend, Oregon 97702 (541) 389-2885 Cornerstone Family Dentistry is a private dental practice located in Bend, Oregon and founded by Yoli Di Giulio D.M.D. Her practice concentrates on general and cosmetic dentistry, and she created this bend dental office with passion and the vision of creating a dental practice that treats every patient individually and with comprehensive first-rate care.


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Why Call Bend Dentist For The Dental Health of Your Whole Family Bend dentist will help you to understand the finer points of oral health. They are there to take care of all the aspects of related to this. Start your kids on the right road to dental strength from an early age. The best time for the first visit to the dentist chamber will be when the first teeth erupt. It is a happy times for the parents no doubt and the perfect time for introductions with your Bend family dentist. They will guide you with instructions regarding the best way to care for the teeth of a toddler and ensure that you keep diseases at bay from a young age. Flossing and brushing no doubt are integral to good oral health. Still every person is different with varied oral health care needs. Only a qualified dentist will be able to determine this positively. In case he or she diagnoses any special situations worth noting they will also chalk out a care and treatment plan. What are the various ways to control and treat the issues Ask the professionals to show you the way they will write prescriptions too. If there is any procedure that has to be completed your dentist will let you know. Based upon your particular health conditions the dental health will depend according to the Bend dentist. Thus if you have dental fixtures braces dentures or suffer from diabetes or heart diseases the treatments will vary. The levels of complications that you develop mostly depend on these factors as well. When you visit the professional they are bound to ask you regarding your preexisting conditions. What kind of medications do you take The treatment plan depends on these factors. There can simply be no alternative to regular oral care. This is the only way to maintain the optimal dental health condition. What will work best in your situation is for the Bend family dentist to suggest. For example the dental care requirements of a pregnant woman and a young kid are bound to be vastly different. The chances of developing gum issues are much more in case of the former. One important element needed for effective oral health is fluoride. This is must have element in the modern day mouthwash and the toothpaste that the whole family uses. Fluoride strengthens your teeth and makes your gums stronger. Thus it is able to fight the disease causing organisms successfully. In case your dental health demands it your Bend dentist may prescribe a fluoride supplement of some kind. Many of the dental issues such as presence of decay are due to weakened enamel strength. Use of fluoride for a stretch will improve the condition and get you on the road to long-term health. Still it is important to maintain your dental checkup sessions for maintaining oral health. Schedule it as per the dentist’s suggestion.

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Restoring The Dental Health With Bend Implant Dentist Implant dentistry is extremely popular since it helps to restore the natural teeth beauty. Your self- confidence may take a severe beating in case of missing or damaged teeth. A simple visit to your Bend implant dentist however will take care of these issues without problems. The implants are easy to do and most people are eligible candidates. They can use a wide number of procedures to t deal with the situation and help you smile with as much confidence as before. These permanent replacement processes workwonders for single missing tooth or a number of those as well. Bend implant dentist will examine your gums and the remaining or surrounding teeth to chalk out a plan of action. Traditional dentures have a number of limitations and the people using them face many problems. For this reason the implants have emerged as the new favorite. Understandable since these both function and behave as your original ones. You do not have to worry about getting them on or off from time to time. These are for keeps just like your real ones. Use of titanium implants for application of dental prosthesis allows the fixing of 12 teeth to your jaw. This really is a significant number. With the Bend implant dentist taking up your case you can be sure of the latest and the most happening techniques. They are trained on all aspects of dental care and can ensure quick recovery. This means effective results and fast recovery from the procedure. What does this involve Consultation: this of course is the very first step and quite crucial one as well. The trained and specialized implant specialist will look at examine thoroughly. The aim of this is to determine your eligibility for the procedures. In order to confirm this they will also take impressions of the upper/lower jaws. This is for the fabrication or the custom design of the dental prosthetic bridge. Bend implant dentist will determine the best plan of action that suits your condition perfectly. Based on this they will proceed further. If they feel that the process does not suit you they will also communicate the same. Preparation: the dentist gives you pre operative prescriptions and associated medications as needed. This is to ensure that no complications begin during and after you undergo the implant procedure. They will now apply anesthesia mostly of the local variety before they start the operations. Procedure: the procedure involves thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums with removal of infected tissues falling teeth. Now your Bend implant dentist places the implants near the front area of jaw. Similar implants are now placed in the back jaw area. This leads to effective jawbone support. Now the dentist places the dental bridge temporarily and later attaches the new teeth set. During discharge they will prescribe medicines and give care instructions. It is best to adhere to it.

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Improve Your Self Confidence With Bend Cosmetic Dentist Bend cosmetic dentist is in the business of making your teeth appears more beautiful than its present condition. With time decay damage and diseases are the part of the regular process. This leaves a number of unwanted results that you can do away with quite easily with expert dental help. Through the years the dental techniques have improved significantly with better and more effective options available to the Bend cosmetic dentist. Thus the results are faster with increased accuracy and you are proud of the results once the professional is through. Damaged missing or crooked yellowed teeth can set you back significantly when it comes to your self-confidence. Each problem has specific solutions and the dentist will undertake extensive examination tests and diagnosis to prescribe the right treatmentsultimately. Cosmetic dentistry as the name implies has more to do with the aesthetics of the dental makeup of the patient. Not all of you have the perfect teeth from the birth. Many times the beautiful smiles that we see lighting up the screens are the result of some wonder cosmetic procedure with the wizardry of dentist responsible. But you must ensure that from the simplest to the most complicated procedures the treatment is performed by specialized and skilled dentists who keep themselves updated with the technologically advanced methods and materials used in dentistry. You too can benefit immensely from the custom-made procedures available with the Bend cosmetic dentist. As more and more people come to realize the immense possibilities inherent in these techniques the popularity increases in tandem. The most popular procedures are  Teeth whitening  Teeth shaping  Closing of the spaces  Complete teeth replacements Besides this the dental implants are also a part of such dental specialization. These improve the smile the functionality of your teeth chewing process digestion and ultimate your self-confidence. For many this also improves the speech and makes it better and more legible. This problem mostly occurs due to the presence of missing teeth. Bend cosmetic dentist offers the best available services combined with reasonable price structure. Most times your insurance policy does not cover the dental procedures. You may need to pay extra in premiums to avail such services. Whatever it is you can make the most of various dental health plans and procedure options to choose the best. You can consult in-depth with your dentist for successful final selections.  Whitening: you can enjoy a million watt smile with shining crystal like teeth once you undergo the whitening procedure.  Bonding: bonding of the teeth minimizes the related gaps and covers the related cracks and chips. It also fills in the tiny cavities covering the exposed roots.  Crowns: restore the original shape of the teeth with these add on to your natural teeth. Bend cosmetic dentist use this to conceal fillings protection or cover implants.

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Get Ideal Treatment For Yellowed Teeth withBend Teeth Whitening Procedure When you have yellowed teeth you become self-conscious especially in company. This should not be a problem when you have Bend teeth whitening procedures to solve the problem. Yellowing of the teeth is a common issue and this tends to happen over time. Simple sittings at the dentist chamber can take care of the problem easily. Many people try to use the home kit procedures as a DIY solution to the yellowing of teeth. While these may give some degree of results they are not always effective. Bend teeth whitening is all about the procedures in a professional environment where the person knows what he or she is doing. The vast practical experience helps in dealing with complicated cases and in-depth training and technical skills are essential to gain knowledge on the latest techniques and materials used in cosmetic dentistry. This tends to give a uniform result not always possible with the home kit solutions. It leaves certain areas untended and the others sparkling white. The dentists use special solutions that lead to the most effective possible results. They understand the condition of your teeth and know the exact percentage of solution to use that leads to the desired results. Still u may not have the most effective output in a single sitting. The number of sittings that you require at the dental chambers will depend on the condition of the teeth. What is the extent of the staining or the yellowing Many people benefit from the Bend teeth whitening procedures. Bad habits like smoking naturally take a toll on how your teeth appear. Tobacco staining is ungainly and it tends to make people quite self-conscious. While the whitening procedures are a great way to restore the beauty of your smile and get compliments for what you have it does not ensure long-term relief. In order to sustain the effects of the procedures that you undergo it is important to take some precautions. At other times the dentist may even ask you to change your lifestyle completely. This means giving up on the cigarettes and developing a healthier habit. It will surely take care of the stains and make your teeth appear bright and shining long term. After you undergo the whitening process the dentist may also ask you not to drink caffeine as it can also lead to staining further. While the sessions at the dentist chamber are a good way to regain the lost whiteness of the teeth sustaining the effects require much hard work. You need to give up or drastically reduce the things that can have a negative effect. Thus Bend teeth whitening techniques can prove to be the ideal start you craved towards long-term oral health. You need to follow the prescription of your doctor and even go for follow-ups when needed. The dentist will check the results and examine the condition of your teeth. If needed they may suggest further sessions in future.

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