How To Make A Flash Light In Saints Row 3 [Glitch]

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minor glit


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Glitch: How To Make A Flashlight In Saints Row: The Third:

Glitch: How To Make A Flashlight In Saints Row: The Third *MINOR GLITCH!

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Now This Is A Minor Glitch And A Very Simple Glitch. It Is Most Preferred That While You’re In Possession Of The Flashlight, You Dress As Either A Cop, Bike Cop, SWAT Officer, Ultor Masako or an FBI Agent Since When They’re on Scene They Usually Carry A Flashlight

Step 1:

Step 1 Go to Friendly Fire or any crib of yours and in your weapons wardrobe, choose for your pistol sloth the KA-1 Kobra and for your rifle sloth pick the AR-55 and just head somewhere where there’s not that much light.

Step 2:

Step 2 Now simply just hold the B button (O for PS3) to open up your weapon inventory and simply pick any weapon that is not in the Rifle or Pistol sloth, example the RPG/Satchel sloth since it is vertically across the pistol sloth. Now that you have your RPG/Satchel in your hands …

Step 3:

Step 3 Press the right bumper to shoot a grenade and right in the middle of the time you shot the grenade to when you release it, simply just open up your inventory and move you’re analog stick to the right (pistol) and if timed correctly, the whole pistol should be invisible except for the light coming out of the flashlight and there is you’re flashlight! This can also be done with the AR-55 and have a ‘bigger’ flashlight. May Take A Lot Of Tries Before Succeeding!

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