BEMOXE - Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

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MOXĒ is designed to make aromatherapy as convenient as possible. Just breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose.


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BEMOXE - Portable Essential Oil Diffuser.:

BEMOXE - Portable Essential Oil Diffuser .

Aromatherapy Vape Pen :

Aromatherapy Vape Pen MOXĒ is intended to make fragrant healing as advantageous as could reasonably be expected. Simply take in through your mouth and out through your nose. There's no nicotine, tobacco, or diacetyl – just the most elevated quality basic oils that are mixed by our own scientific expert.

All Types of Moxe Vape Pens:

All Types of Moxe Vape Pens Moxe Dream Moxe Peace Moxe Love Moxe Happy Moxe Energy

Moxe Dream:

Moxe Dream Soothing scents reduce sleep disturbance and fight insomnia. Promoting a peaceful mindset where sleep can blossom, this relaxing blend of essential oils coaxes you into a deep, healing slumber and allows you to wake up with a clear mind

Bemoxe Energy:

Bemoxe Energy Wintergreen Stimulates the senses and increases attentiveness   Sage Aids with mental fatigue and strengthens the senses   Black pepper Enhances alertness and stamina through spice   Anise Regenerates your chi and elevates your mood

Moxe Happy:

Moxe Happy Fennel Provides clarity and elevates the soul   Thyme Elevates your mood and reduces stress   Cinnamon Warms the body and increases blood flow to the brain   Sage Produces a calming effect and lifts your spirits

Moxe Love:

Moxe Love Patchouli  Provides release from stress and promotes well-being   Fennel  Boosts your libido   Lime  Cleanses the spirit and promotes energy flow   Ylang Ylang   Calms rapid heartbeat and sets the mood   Sandalwood  Relieves tension in the body

Moxe Peace:

Moxe Peace Bergamot  Relieves stress and anxiety while inducing relaxation   Mandarin  Reduces the negative effects of stress   Geranium Treats anxiety and creates a calming, grounding feeling   Lime  Enhances mental clarity and promotes positivity

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