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Microsoft BI VisionwithSPSS: 

Microsoft BI Vision with SPSS


Improving organizations by providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions Complete and integrated BI offering Widespread delivery of intelligence through Microsoft Office Enterprise grade and affordable

Microsoft and SPSS: 

Microsoft and SPSS Long-standing partnering history -- 10+ years Managed Global ISV Partner Involvement in numerous collaboration programs, including Office 2007, Windows Vista, Windows 64-bit and more Microsoft-specific applications and technology: SPSS Dimensions (~400% per year growth) SPSS Add-in for SQL Server SPSS ships over 75% of its software on Windows Advanced Predictive Analytics

Information Worker Data Types : 

Information Worker Data Types Knowledge Data (Documents) People Collaborating with People Previous Work Product Best Practices Coordination Data (Interfacing) Between In-House Systems Between Partners Between Systems and People Performance Data (Numeric) Financial Units Events Entities (People, Partners, Plants, etc.) Attitudinal Data (Text) Survey Results Call Center Logs HR Records

“Knowledge Data” Challenges:: 

'Knowledge Data' Challenges: From 'The Knowledge Worker Investment Paradox' Gartner research 7/17/2002

“Knowledge Data” Solutions: 

'Knowledge Data' Solutions Documents Discussions Tasks Contacts Surveys Members Calendar Team … Search Document Management Portal Information Discovery Information Sharing Collaboration

“Coordination Data” Challenges: 

'Coordination Data' Challenges Disconnected Departments Manual Processes Inefficient Partnering System Incompatibilities

“Coordination Data” Solutions: 

'Coordination Data' Solutions Connected Enterprise Automated Processes Powerful Partnering

“Performance Data” Challenges- The Reporting and Analysis Work-flow: 

'Performance Data' Challenges- The Reporting and Analysis Work-flow Report Requestors IT Group Challenges - Competing Priorities - Workflow Bottleneck - Slow to Respond - Impedes Business Agility

“Performance Data” Solutions -- A Better Workflow: 

'Performance Data' Solutions -- A Better Workflow Report Requestors IT Group

Microsoft BI Architecture : 

Microsoft BI Architecture Data Marts CRM LOB ERP Source Systems OLAP DB andamp; Data Mining (SQL Server Analysis Services) Office Businees Applications Office Client/ Server SharePoint Portal Server Devices Enterprise ETL (SQL Server Integration Services) Third Party Applications Enterprise Reporting (SQL Server Reporting Services) Information Delivery Data Warehouse (SQL Server RDBMS) _____ _____ _____

Enterprise Success Story- Public Sector: 

Enterprise Success Story- Public Sector One of the Largest Analysis Services Deployments in the World 90TB DW on SQL Server 2005 Veterans Health Administration Prescription usage analysis (ProClarity and Analysis Services) Over a Billion Dollars in savings: In drug acquisition costs from standardization and contracting In labor/mail costs through mail-out prescription processing Quality Improvements: Evidence-based prescribing guidance Outcomes assessment to monitor/maintain safe prescribing Disease Management and Population Health Provider and Patient Profiling HR/Succession Planning Financial and Budget Analysis Contracting Management Patient Funding Assurance Inventory Management 10,000+ users!

Increase Revenue, Decrease Cost and Improve Efficiency: 

Increase Revenue, Decrease Cost and Improve Efficiency Maximizing Data Value and Enhancing Information Sharing Performance Data Knowledge Data Collaboration Data Attitudinal Data Improving Information Access Accessible Self-service High-Speed Enabling Process Coordination/Automation Inter-Departmental Partnering Enabling Business Analysis Reduce Waiting Improve Business Agility

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