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By: KishanRock (93 month(s) ago)

i liked this ppt, so i need this ppt now. let me download this file

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Pretty Good Privacy – How to do it.: 

Pretty Good Privacy – How to do it. Tony Brett IT Systems Manager Corpus Christi College OxCERT Tel. (2)76695 OUCS ITSS lunchtime seminar Tuesday 29th February 2000

What is PGP?: 

What is PGP? Pretty Good Privacy 1976 – Diffie/Hellman 1977 – Rivest/Shamir/Adleman 1991 – Zimmermann writes PGP Send E-mail securely to a known recipient Digitally sign E-mail so that the recipient(s) can be sure it is from you Can also be used with file transfers

Why Bother?: 

Why Bother? Sending plain text E-mail is little more secure than sending a postcard – PGP enables encryption PGP is useful for digitally signing material that is important (case of tutorials being cancelled) Enables secure transactions over E-mail. Pretty much unbreakable

Key Pairs – public vs. private: 

Key Pairs – public vs. private Types of Key – RSA vs DH/DSS Public is widely disseminated - private kept secret, with passphrase Fingerprints Varying levels of security. 512-bit lowest. 2048-bit very secure DEMO

PGP Servers: 

PGP Servers Servers that hold huge public key key rings Update to each other, accept and send updates from/to everyone Better than everyone keeping a huge key ring Server addresses included with PGP software

Encrypting messages: 

Encrypting messages Recipient’s public key is used to encrypt message Can use several different recipients’ public keys then any one of the matching private keys are required to decrypt message DEMO

Signing Messages: 

Signing Messages Sender’s private key is used to encrypt some or all of the message Public key of sender is widely available so verification of signature is easy for anyone DEMO

Signing Keys. Why?: 

Signing Keys. Why? How do you know that a person’s key is really theirs? Get owner to repeat fingerprint to you in person on on phone if you know their voice before signing key Unsigned keys are a security risk Key signing sessions involve just this

The Software: 

The Software Versions for PC, Mac, UNIX etc… Command-line andamp; GUI Version 6.0.2i Linewrap Sable/Ermine DEMO

Using PGP with Simeon (ExecMail): 

Using PGP with Simeon (ExecMail) Plugin available for use with ExecMail 5.11 and PGP 6 execmailsecurity-pgp6plug-in_130.exe DEMO

Using PGP with Eudora, Outlook: 

Using PGP with Eudora, Outlook Plugins available with PGP 6.0.2i and above on Win32 at install time

Using PGP with Pegasus Mail: 

Using PGP with Pegasus Mail PGPMP

Using PGP with pine and elm on UNIX: 

Using PGP with pine and elm on UNIX Mkpgp can be used with PINE Elm has better in-built support than pine Can just extract files and manually decrypt or manually encrypt and include files

Using PGP with Herald (WING): 

Using PGP with Herald (WING) Easiest here to use PGPs ability to encrypt/decrypt the clipboard DEMO




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