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Switzerland: Europe’s Life Sciences Corridor Doris Klietmann, M.B.A. November 4-6, 2004: 

Switzerland: Europe’s Life Sciences Corridor Doris Klietmann, M.B.A. November 4-6, 2004 5th Annual Conference of the Harvard Health Industry Alumni Association: New Business Models in Healthcare

Switzerland: Home to Life Sciences Research and the Healthcare Industry: 

Switzerland: Home to Life Sciences Research and the Healthcare Industry ﴀ ﴀ 2


Switzerland is home to first class university research institutions and a flourishing biotechnology sector Many world-class pharmaceutical companies are Swiss: Novartis Roche Serono Lonza Syngenta All non-Swiss pharmaceutical companies are also well represented in Switzerland Switzerland is home to more than 500 medical device companies Overview

World Class Research Institutes: 

World Class Research Institutes Five medical schools and university clinics Eight universities with scientific departments and management schools Seven universities of applied sciences Two institutes of technology, specialized in biomedical and medical device technologies engineering

Switzerland – A World Leader in R&D: 

Switzerland – A World Leader in R&D # of institutions in Switzerland

Public and Private Research Laboratories: 

Public and Private Research Laboratories Friedrich Miescher Institute, (FMI), Basel Roche Center for Medical Genomics, Basel Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Lausanne European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva IBM Research Institute, Zurich/Rueschlikon Maurice E. Mueller Institute for Biomechanics (MIB), Berne Swiss Center for Electronic and Microtechnology (CSEM), Neuchatel Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Zurich-Wuerenlingen Institute for Biomedical Technique, Buchs Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics (SIB), Geneva Swiss Center for Scientific Computing (CSCS), Lugano Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB), Bellinzona Institute of Research in Ophthalmology (IRO), Sion AO/Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (ASIF), Davos

Gateway to the Medical Market: 

Gateway to the Medical Market Clinical Trials Medical schools, university clinics, regional hospitals provide excellent network for clinical trials Access to highly reputable physicians and specialists with the experience to evaluate new products in the clinical environment and to assist with the launch of these products in the international market Registration & Certification System Efficient way and short time to market

Federal Institute of Technology (ETH): 

Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) A major node in the Champions League - international research CEST RANKING # 2 in Europe # 14 Worldwide Contributions: 21 Nobel Laureates Awards: Pritzker Prizes, Fields Medal ETH = Engine for the Swiss Economy CEST RANKING 2004 # 1 in Engineering - Worldwide # 2 in Life Sciences - Worldwide

Swiss Scientists Enjoy Access to E.U. Cash: 

Swiss Scientists Enjoy Access to E.U. Cash Under the new agreement Swiss researchers and companies gain access to substantial EU funds and to a broad research network

Science City in Zurich: 

Science City in Zurich Creation of an ambitious project to be completed in 2010 New campus with multiple interconnections to create a new type of culture and environment for the sciences

The Swiss Economy: 

The Swiss Economy Switzerland is poor in natural resources Country is exporting knowledge: Made in Switzerland or Invented in Switzerland

The Swiss Biotech Industry includes World Leaders: 

The Swiss Biotech Industry includes World Leaders Central location in one of the world’s leading high-tech manufacturing and life-sciences Unrestricted access to European market for more than 500 million consumers A highly skilled multilingual workforce conversant in English, French, Italian and German Short product registration cycles – as few as four months in some cases Sophisticated scientific environment leading in medical devices, precision instruments and life sciences The Swiss biotechnology industry is one of the largest and most diversified in Europe

Locations of Major Biotechnology Clusters: 

Locations of Major Biotechnology Clusters Greater Zurich Area Basel Biotech Valley - “Arc Allemanique” Growing inter- connections between Zurich and Basel Lausanne/Geneva “Arc Lemanique”

The Position of the Swiss Industry: 

The Position of the Swiss Industry Long tradition Over the 150+ years since the industrial revolution, Switzerland has developed a powerful chemistry & drug industry -- a strong example of Swiss competitiveness Innovative and cutting edge The chemical/pharmaceutical industry invests large sums of money on R&D Highest quality Strong collaboration with universities and the two federal institutes of technology in Zurich and Lausanne Multinational player

The Formula for Swiss Competitiveness: 

The Formula for Swiss Competitiveness Manufacture special products (watches, drugs) Guarantee the delivery date Provide financing through world class banking system Offer first class after sales service Distribute products world wide to achieve economies of scale Build local subsidiaries where necessary Examples: Pharmaceutical Industry Headquarters are all in Basel Roche: Large production site in Nutley, NJ, worldwide research transferred to Nutley, NJ Novartis: Subsidiary in NY Research: Institute of Biomedical Research in Cambridge, MA

Switzerland and the Medical Device Industry: 

Switzerland and the Medical Device Industry More than 500 medical device companies are located in Switzerland Switzerland is the center of world-class High Tech Manufacturing and Life Science regions with collaborations in nearby Germany, France and Italy Great support arises from the combination of life sciences and medical research with micro-technology, precision instruments and medical devices (cross-fertilization) The device industry profits from direct cooperation with state of the art hospitals and world class medical services Switzerland’s device industry spends US$500 million annually for R&D. Export revenue: US$2 billion/year Swiss based companies have unrestricted access to fast growing US$25 billion Pan-European market (EU)

Leading Medical Device Companies in Switzerland: 

Leading Medical Device Companies in Switzerland Surgical instruments, endoscopic systems (minimally invasive surgery) Implantible devices (dental implants), prosthesis, reconstructive surgery Chip technology (diagnostic devices for biochemical diagnostics, miniaturized systems

The Advantages of Relocating to Switzerland: 

The Advantages of Relocating to Switzerland Switzerland has the highest number of working hours per year of any nation in Europe Switzerland has excellent telecommunications and transportation infrastructure Swiss federal and cantonal authorities are flexible and helpful for both Swiss and foreign companies Switzerland offers generous tax incentives for companies; payroll taxes are low Swiss universities stand for high quality research results Many scientists have international stature and several Nobel laureates have been named for achievements in the biological sciences Switzerland has one of the highest standards of living

Domestic Medical Device Companies: 

Domestic Medical Device Companies Several multinational players have R&D and manufacturing roots in Switzerland Hoffmann La Roche (diagnostic division) - world leader in clinical pathology Straumann - dental implants Phonak - hearing systems Stratec Medical - orthopedic trauma treatment Tecan - analytic instruments for laboratory automation Nobel-Biocare - dental implants Centerpluse - orthopedic division Stryker Trauma - surgical devices Comet AG - mass spectrometry, industrial x-ray, vacuum technology In addition, Switzerland also has a substantial number of smaller and start-up companies

Foreign Medical Device Companies in Switzerland: 

Foreign Medical Device Companies in Switzerland Switzerland is home to a growing number of foreign medical device companies serving the EU market Baxter BioScience Manufacturing - Neuchatel CIBA Vision - Basel, ophthalmic devices Hamilton Medical - Rhaezuens, intensive care ventilators Hewlett-Packart Europe - Geneva, medical electronic equipment Medtronic - Tolochenanz, pacemakers Millenium Biologix - Schlieren, medical technology, tissue regeneration Sterling Diagnostic Imaging - Geneva, medical x-ray films Schott Polymer GmbH - St. Gallen Medicon Diagnostics GmbH - Duedingen, R&D Staar Surgical - Biel, lens implants LASCO Group - Basel, medical laser equipment

The Financial Marketplace in Switzerland: 

The Financial Marketplace in Switzerland Banking System - Highly developed and efficient, provides financing on favorable terms SWX Swiss Exchange - One of the world’s most technologically advanced and leading securities exchange IPO – Going Public - SWX lists many blue-chip life-science companies (Roche, Novartis, Serono, Nestle). IPO in Switzerland is attractive for obtaining equity financing


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