Auswandern in die Karibik Belize


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Informationen zum Auswandern nach Belize


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Emigration to Belize:

Emigration to Belize Many people think of emigration, for example in a more sunbathing country, in old age or even at a young age. But do they speak the language of this country? Do you find enough contacts to feel well?

Immigration Belize:

Immigration Belize For all those who want to deal with their dreamland in the first place and to find first-hand information, tips and tricks, of people who have made the way, we offer a trial package.

Tour packages :

Tour packages The costs for airport transfers, all overnight stays including breakfast, all transfers in the country and entrance fees, rent for necessary equipment, as well as rental car with insurance and gasoline, plus individual travel companions during the complete trip are per person:  2.130, - US $ with a number of participants of 2 people in a double room . 1.995, - US $ with a number of participants of 3 persons in 1 double and 1 single room 1.786 - US$ with a number of participants of 3 persons in 1 double room with extra bed. 

More Packages:

More Packages 1,697, - US $ with a number of participants of 4 persons in 2 double rooms.  For individuals, which we have already looked after several times, the travel price is 2.970, - US $.

My customers have done it 100%:

My customers have done it 100% The tour is carried out with a maximum of 4 participants. Attention: The flight is not included in the price.  Too expensive? That's your decision. It is, after all, cheaper than the losses of better-informed people who bet on false horses and have lost between 25,000 and 1.5 million Euros.

Belize Emigrants:

Belize Emigrants On the other hand there are 7 emigrants in the past years, some of them including families, who have shed bitter tears just before your return to Germany, because you have not used our all-inclusive offers.

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