Just A Little Rub To Protect Your Skin

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Just a Little Rub to Protect Your Skin The increase in pollution has caused many skin problems which have led to the introduction of a wide variety of Skin Care Products. People use skin products everyday to enhance and protect the quality of the skin. There are products for every part of the body which can be used for the following reasons:  To moisten an area  To smoothen an area  To whiten an area  To tan an area  To provide heating or cooling effect to an area  To provide shine to an area

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There are several other reasons to apply creams lotions shampoos soaps perfumes and other skin essentials. The type of Product that is chosen depends on the skin type quality brand name benefits and mainly side effects. People tend to choose a brand with the least side effects because severe skin diseases are caused due to the harsh chemical compositions in skin care products. Skin is the 5 th sense of the body and requires as much care as the other four senses i.e. hearing tasting seeing and smelling. Only the best products need to be chosen for the skin to avoid side effects such as:  Rashes  Burning of skin tissue  Spots  Skin cancer  Infections  Other skin diseases Some of these side effects can be extremely severe and can cause many after-effects to the body. There are many companies which manufacture natural or organic skin products. These products are environment friendly help in avoiding irritation have no strange side effects and gets gentle over time. These products are preferred largely over

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chemical-skin products for obvious reasons and are little overpriced than normal skin products. The skin care industry is a booming over billion dollars industry spreading all over the world. There are many small scale companies but this industry is owned by giant multinationals only.

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