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Genre Simple: A category of composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content Merriam-Webster Online Rhetorical: A conscious choice of medium with a particular style, form, or content in order to further persuasive impact or message Discourse communities choose the best genres to convey messages Examples: environmentalists: pamphlets, websites; musicians: song lyrics, CD covers, concert apparel; educators: reports, lesson plans, report cards 2 8 9

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Genre in Rhetoric Writing is social – therefore, it depends on each individual’s or group’s situation Writers choose specific genres and specific rhetorical strategies according to the rhetorical situation It’s all about choices 2 8 9

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Genre in Rhetoric Think of genre in terms of function, not in terms of form. To consider: The purpose of the text itself The processes used to compose this text The practices readers use to understand the text The “social role” of the text (for example: a journal article vs. a blog) 2 8 9

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