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Back To Nature Chocolate Delight Granola is a great product, but it could be better. Specifically, the granola did not have uniform clusters of chocolate. Some clusters were large and had adequate chocolate coating while others were small and had little or no coating of chocolate. Because of this I gave the product one less star than I would have had the product been more uniform. That


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Back To Nature Chocolate Delight Granola is a great product, but it could be better. Specifically, the granola did not have uniform clusters of chocolate. Some clusters were large and had adequate chocolate coating while others were small and had little or no coating of chocolate. Because of this I gave the product one less star than I would have had the product been more uniform. That said the product was otherwise great! For granola lovers (or even those who don't regularly consume granola) the addition of chocolate is quite clever and actually changes the expected taste and texture of granola. I decided to try sprinkling the product over top some vanilla ice cream and couldn't believe the wonderful experience. Adding some walnuts and a little extra Hershey's dark chocolate syrup was incredible. You can of coarse consume the product straight from the bag, but if you want to stretch the product out over a number of weeks I would recommend using the chocolate granola as a topping of sorts on your favorite desert. I would highly recommend this product. It's hard to compare food items since everyone has a different taste for what they like. For me this is the best chocolate granola. It has a significant amount of chocolate, which I find particularly good since pretty much every other I have tried just has a bit of chocolate chunks. This one is generous with the chocolate, which is also of very good quality, I think about 60% cocoa contents. So if you like chocolate this is one granola worth trying. I normally don't buy these products...but when I do, unfortunately I don't know when to stop consuming them . I love chocolate, but not granola. However, the combination makes for an interesting taste. The sweetness of the chocolate is offset by the granola.The way this product comes, are you supposed to eat it out of the bag as a snack, or put it in a bowl like cereal? Here is where a chocolate/granola bar would be better. With the bag, you open it, and eat and eat until you ate too much. A wrapped bar is a finite portion.Would I buy this again? I wish I didn't have to buy a 6 pack. One pouch would suffice..for both my wallet and my waist. With granola, it's usually a trade-off between taste and health, and Back to Nature Chocolate Delight is no exception, delivering only moderately on both counts.By using different kinds of sugars, the ingredient label looks better, but added up, it's still a lot of sugar. With 13g of sugar per 50g (1/2 cup), this granola is almost one-fourth sugar: evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, molasses, sugar, and dextrose. Back to Nature isn't the worst in this regard, but if you want to minimize your sugar intake (and everyone should, of course), be aware of what you're eating.The fat content is also moderate for a granola, 6g in the form of safflower oil.The taste is okay; I didn't find it to be outstanding. And the granola pieces are extremely hard and overly crunchy (which I didn't like). However, my eight-year-old daughter loved this granola and would be delighted if I got it all the time (the chocolate chips, though not particularly tasty, in my opinion, were a big hit with her).This granola is worth trying if it sounds like it might suit your preferences, but try to get a single pack of it from a local store to try before committing to a big multipa

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