What’s Wrong With Your Commercial HVAC Unit

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What’s Wrong With Your Commercial HVAC Unit The commercial HVAC unit in your building plays a vital role in securing the comfort of the firm all year long. However there are chances of system breakdown before you even notice a slight failure. If the hallway is much cooler than the individual offices or the bullpen of the organisation it is high time you need to repair the entire system or the unit causing the issue. When does your commercial HVAC need repair in Dallas TX 1. It is not well-maintained Regular and preventive maintenance of the machine will keep your commercial HVAC unit running smoothly. The whole idea of preventive maintenance is to predict or find the problems in the HVAC system before they worsen into the situation of commercial HVAC repair. When a commercial HVAC unit in Dallas TX is not well maintained it might not last as long as expected. It might break down midway its warranty period. 2. The filters are clogged It is essential to check on the HVAC unit filters regularly. Keeping the screens of the commercial HVAC unit is necessary. Clogged filters can decrease the efficiency of the system and in most cases can lead to the units breakdown. Depending on how long the system is working and at what speed you might need to repair or replace them more often. On an average the filters require a commercial HVAC repair in Dallas TX at least four times a year. It is recommended to change the filters every month for the proper functioning of the HVAC unit and to avoid issues related to the effectiveness of the commercial HVAC unit 3. You need a refrigerant An essential element of the cooling unit of the commercial HVAC system is the cooling liquid refrigerant. The R22 cooling refrigerant has for long been a standard component for most commercial HVAC units. R22 is one

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of the most environmentally friendly coolants available. To avoid commercial HVAC repairs in Dallas TX look out for possible leaks regularly. Coolant leakage could be the prime reason to why the building is too hot or why the indoor conditions are miserably unbearable. 4. The thermostat is broken There are times when there is nothing wrong with the HVAC units. The failure might be due to the broken thermostat. The thermostat is responsible for regulating the air flow of the unit i.e. when the air should flow at a faster rate and for how long. The commercial HVAC repair that your unit requires might be in the thermostat only. When the thermostat of the unit is broken the temperature inside the building changes throughout the day. People might go from sweating to freezing the whole time miserably. If that is the case you might want to summon commercial HVAC repair in Dallas TX. We are committed to helping building owners engineers facility professionals and property managers through HVAC preventive maintenance at much lower rates than usual. Preventive maintenance is recommended to be much better than commercial HVAC repair in Dallas TX. Preventive maintenance is not just cost-effective but also provides you with improved comfort peace of mind and huge savings on energy bills.

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