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There are three main types of gemstones- Precious, Semi Precious and Organic gemstone. They all have Gemstone powers to heal disorder and bring peace.


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Since the ancient times precious and semi-precious gemstones were believed to have extraordinary enhancing and healing powers affecting mind, body and spirit and even influencing our fate and the course of our lives! In ancient India, a number of Sanskrit texts on gems have been written. " Graha-Gocara Jyotisha ", the "Garuda Purana ", the " Brahat Samhita ", the "Agni Purana " are the texts dealing with planetary gemmology. 


Varieties The precious stones are diamond; some forms of corundum (ruby, sapphire); and emerald. The chief semiprecious stones are aquamarine, amethyst, topaz, garnet, tourmaline, spinel, peridot , zircon, chrysoberyl , quartz, opal, turquoise, moonstone, and jade. The organic gems are pearl, amber and coral.


The unit of weight used for gemstones is the metric carat; one carat equals 200 mg. The qualities sought in gems are beauty, rarity, and durability. The beauty of a gem depends primarily on its optical properties, which impart its lustre, fire, and color ; the durability depends on hardness and resistance to cleavage or fracture.


Wealth, Creativity, Success, Marriage, Love and Compassion. Diamond/ Heera (Venus)- Popular Gemstones Gemstone Planet Deity Yellow sapphire Jupiter Sadasiva Ruby Sun Ram Emerald Mercury Vishnu White pearl Moon Krishna Blue sapphire Saturn Kali Gomedh Rahu Durga Cat's eye Ketu Ganesha Red Coral Mars  Hanuman Diamond Venus Laxmi


Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj : (Jupiter) – For Spiritual Knowledge, Communication, Success, Profits, Promotion and Abundance


Ruby/ Manik (Sun) - For Health, Wealth, Power, Name and Fame


Emerald/ Panna : (Mercury) For Fulfilment of Desires, Spiritual Awareness, Love and Compassion


Pearl/ Moti : (Moon) - For Peace of Mind, Fearlessness, Calmness, Love and Relationships


Blue Sapphire/ Neelam : (Saturn) — For intuition, Decision Making, Success and Spiritual Enlightenment


Gomedh / Gomedak : ( Rahu )- Good luck, Power, Success and Divine Blessings


Cat's Eye/ Lahsuniya ( Ketu )- Abstract Thinking, Asceticism, Stability, Good Luck, Protection and Enlightenment


Coral/ Moonga : (Mars) - For Physical & Mental Growth, Vigor &Vitality, stability in Life and Marital Matters


Diamond/ Heera : (Venus) - Enhances physical and emotional wellness. Forestalls sexual problems. Builds stamina. Upgrades conjugal life.


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