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By: R33M (135 month(s) ago)

this is a crime aganist humanity and the world watching silent .. Do not you think that what Israel is doing is terrorism !!! اللّهم أنصر غزة على أعدائها , اللّهم إحمي المقاومين فيها , و أقبل شهدائها , و صبر نسائها و كِبارها , و أرحم أطفالها .

By: pfizerian (135 month(s) ago)

This is truly brutal and human assasination by israel..i`ve a suggestion..y dun u let ppl download that so that ppl can spread it as much as they can.i hope u`ll let us download that so that together we can make this worth considering.thanx

By: Umesh (135 month(s) ago)

Thought Provoking!

By: Umesh (135 month(s) ago)


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This is Real :

This is Real

This is Real :

This is Real That’s What Happening in Gaza in this moment, Terror , Hunger , Injured , Darkness , To get water they have to walk so far To fill a bottle or a jar, they still have No Food Or Medicine to be fed AND Death is everywhere that sometimes they have No place to make their prayer. kids are dying every day in their beds And many have just tears to shed, They have nothing but pain , illness And daily sadness to Share. They are dying due to the Blockade and Israeli attacks

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Look at Israeli Attacks to civilians

This is Real :

This is Real There is 'growing Humanitarian Crisis happening in Gaza There is an EXTREME restricted access,  to food, water, and medicine Gaza Children Implore you Please don't forget us! Please do Remember us! At least in your prayer Gaza Needs Your Voice

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