Benefit from a lavish spa treatment at URU Spa of Al Nahda Resort and


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Luxury resort spa in Oman is well equipped with luxurious treatment rooms, Hammam, and yoga room and spa cuisine to take care of all your wellness needs. For complete rejuvenation, revitalization, and renewal, just visit Uru Spa individually or with friends and relatives as it is one of the most peaceful spa retreats in Oman. Exciting May summer offers are now available to share the happiness of the sunny season. Know more about the offer at


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Benefit from a lavish spa treatment at URU Spa of Al Nahda Resort and Spa As the mercury is rising day by day your body is in dire need to relax and rejuvenate. Summers are especially hard on skin with long exposure in sun causing tanning dryness and sunburn. But there is a miraculous cure for all these skin ailments: a relaxing spa. A spa can be extremely beneficial for your skin. So take some time out and have a relaxing Spa break to rejuvenate your senses. If you are in Muscat you can easily book URU spa at Al Nahda Resort and Spa for an invigorating Spa experience. Being one of the best spas in Oman you can rely on spa experts to make you feel most relaxed. A spa treatment can not only heal the effects of sun but also prevent early signs of aging thus enhancing your looks. Spa is an all-over body treatment which stimulates cell renewal makes your skin more resilient thus preventing wrinkles and all forms of aging and improves the overall skin tone. URU is one of the best spas in Oman where you can indulge in various divine spa therapies. This luxury spa resort in Oman ensures that the high mineral content in spa treatments flush out toxins from your skin to give you a radiating glow. Also the dull surface cells get removed to reveal soft supple skin underneath. Read more

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